What a FUN-tastic time I had at the Scarborough library last Saturday! Upon the invitation of the NGC Bocas Lit Fest I was asked to talk to the book club who selected my first book Thinking out Loud.

Members shared some really personal stories and experiences as we spoke about life, people, dreams, goals, relationships, marriage and love… Yes I said love! I even learnt a thing or two about how to get over a guy in 3 days!! Ha! We had a helluva good time!

Reading can be fun!

The most amazing thing was to learn that people found my book applicable to what they were experiencing in real life. And to listen to me read about those issues made them feel ‘normal’.

How cool is that.

Tobago I love you! Until next time…

Follow your passion. Live it. Breathe it. Be it! You can make a difference…

Peace & love

If you would like me to come to your club or organisation please feel free to send me a private message with a little about yourself.

photo credit by Dr. Funso Aiyejina