We’re 10 days into December already! The last month of 2015! Wow!

How did we get here so fast!? Can anyone tell me?! Yikes…

First blog for December, so I’m playing catch up. (For those of you on Facebook and Instagram you can follow me there so you won’t miss a beat! @Carolyn Correia).

Just back from my mini trip to Tobago! Work hard. Play hard. Work is fun when you are doing what you love. For many years I was miserable because I wasn’t doing what I loved. I am thankful that I am finally now in this place and mental space.

Mostly hibernated this time around, but slowed down long enough and came out of my cocoon to catch up with some folks. Made some new friends. Renewed some old friendships. I feel sooo loved! ohmygosh! I’m emotional as I type these words! Had to journal it before the feeling escapes and the moment is gone!

Been dealing with some stuff for the past few weeks…family, personal and work. So first day in Tobago I was feeling really bummy. Got sick on the boat a couple times 😦 However, the minute I drove off the ferry I was welcomed by that warm Tobago hospitality.

The guy in the carpark let me park for FREE! lol. Stopped to get lunch, smiled at the cashier and placed my order….she returned the smile twice as bright and told me “I gave you an extra big breast!” I said thank you so much! Now I have lunch and dinner and don’t have to cook lol” Simple gestures, but these things made my day.

I slept for the rest of the afternoon as I recovered from the boat ride and my neighbour came to my rescue with a bulb that needed changing in my apartment. He was so happy to see me and we chatted on the porch till it got dark! 🙂

The next day I was still under the weather but during my book talk coordinated by the Bocas Lit Fest and my smile resurfaced…I didn’t laugh so hard in a while! Exchanged numbers and took pictures and thanked everyone for attending.

Afterward met up with a friend and drove to Pigeon Point for the yummiest beef soup and drinks. The ladies and gentleman were again soo nice and hospitable! My friend said it was my glow lolol. We had a lonnnng chat, caught up on both our lives and went home lighter.

Sunday morning I woke up EARLY @ 6:30 in the am! (This is new for me). Listened to the birds signing and looked over to the mountains and trees and felt my spirit soar. As I heard Lionel Richie (gospel I think)in the distance, I felt my pores raise! I wish I could have stayed in that moment forever!

Spent the rest of the days working, sleeping, eating healthy and meditating. I even wrote some New Year’s resolutions which I don’t do anymore.

A few things happened to disturb my peace but I felt reconnected to my centre as I took the long ferry ride home. As I drove off the boat into the night cruising down the highway listening to Parang –Spanish Christmas music (Crazy)…I felt like I could conquer the world again!

The old things that were troubling me seem now insignificant. I am motivated, empowered and unhampered! As we say in trini, “when you cross water, the blight does cut!” lol. Maybe it’s true.

And that’s why Tobago will always be my love.

The End.

Stay tuned for more adventures 🙂