Sooo….the past 5 or so days have been phew! This is a different blog…it’s a culmination of that! But if you only knew…it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You know the feeling? One day you’re up, the next you’re down…down…DOWN…and you have to muster all your energy to pull yourself out of the rut you found yourself in….you try to put up a front, but those close to you know why. But they don’t know the half of it.

You get emotional and nostalgic for the slightest thing or memory and then you feel like tearing someone’s eyes out for no particular reason! Why? It’s a bit taboo, but whether male or female we all have to deal with it at some time either directly or indirectly.

photo credit - Tatiana Niño.
photo credit – Tatiana Niño.

OK enough suspense. Many women deal with these hormonal changes in their body….once a month! It’s called PMS! There I said it out loud….well you know what I mean 😀 What did you think I meant?

I think as I inch closer to the BIG 40 (yikes) it seems to get worse. But such is life. I’ve discovered the following things that make me feel better, just in case anyone else is having the same problems:

  1. Music! Ohmy can’t work or drive without this. Especially when I’m driving….I love to blast my favourite station/CD in my car with all the windows up and just sing without a care in the world (mostly at nights for the singing thing…since it’s dark and other motorists can’t see!)
  2. Driving — Take a spin on the highway and clear your head….within the speed limit of course! Feel that wind in your face and just get lost in the ride. Soon you forget your troubling thoughts. Better yet if someone else is driving, that way you don’t get too lost in thought!
  3. A hug — This is such an oh so good feeling whether you’re on the giving or receiving end. It seems to melt that block of ice that seems to find its way lodged in your midst from time to time during this period (ha! Pun intended).  My Dad once told me many moons ago that he felt a real connection when someone gave him a hug above anything else. He’s right…studies have actually proven it to be true I read recently. I always knew my Dad was a genius in his own rite!
  4.  Dark chocolate — rich in anti-oxidants, my gym buddies told me some years ago that it doesn’t make you fat…which is good especially around that time. Studies show that it improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure and may even boost brain function and lower risk of cardiovascular disease among other things! During this time, lots of women crave sweet, so now’s a way to do it without the guilt!
  5. Long talks and laughs with good friends — Yup. I just love my girlfriends sooo much. I have lots of friends both male and female, but a handful of really close girls that I communicate with almost every day and bare all and vice versa. They know me so well, put up with all my BAD moods, obsessive compulsive thoughts! and make me laugh out loud the old fashioned way! They tell me I’m not so bad myself and should go into comedy is what they say lol…I guess I could consider this as a backup career if all else fails (of course I am kidding)
  6. Bonding with strangers — Wow. You ever meet someone and connect with them instantly on so many different levels? This has been happening more frequently with me within recent years. It’s an amazing feeling meeting new people and exchanging thoughts, ideas and experiences. It renews my faith that there are still really good people out there.
  7. Working — Drown yourself in your passion and what you love to do. If your work is not your passion, well I guess you need to work on that!
  8. I would say exercise but I don’t want to admit it. It helps if you can muster the motivation to get yourself to the gym or outdoors. To each his/her own.

I know there’s more, but I can’t think of the rest at the moment. Will keep you posted.

Shoot me a comment, if you can relate or can add any more!

Peace & Love