Were You Born To Write?

photo credit - Carli Jean. www.unsplash.com
photo credit – Carli Jean. http://www.unsplash.com

You know that moment when you know you should be doing work because well, you have work to do….but your thoughts are drowning out all sensibility and if you don’t talk them out or write them down (as in my case) you’d explode!?? No? Well it’s just me then lol.

I think I was born to write. Within the last few months and years I’ve been questioned about it by a few people…why??…my motive…what do I get out of it….why waste all this time….why do it (when I did it) for free…am I doing it for the right reasons….am I staying true to my word…I’ve heard it all.

Recently I got some comments on one of my pages from someone who’s been following me for a few years ever since I had one of my first articles published in the Trinidad Guardian in 2009. He questioned my sincerity and my perceived academic tone. Wow!

At first I must admit I was a bit perturbed by these statements….but while I know I am being true to myself, maybe there is a missing link in my writing to allow more persons to connect on a deeper level. Who knows. Maybe I need to probe to see if this is true.

I don’t really think of myself as an academic despite having post graduate qualifications, because I am more driven by creativity than books (and I don’t think smarts necessarily comes from books alone), so I guess this is a compliment. But maybe I need to be more conversational in my tone! What do you think? Please shoot me a comment!

One of my friends suggested today that sometimes negative feedback helps us grow…I will add…if it’s constructive criticism. In this case, I think it was. It’s all a matter of perception.

Most times writers and authors just write because they love to. To write a book in particular is quite a painstaking process…to get it just right to connect with your chosen audience. Not to just write for writing sake because you like the ways your words sound when you read it aloud. Without readers you are nothing and your work is for naught. And of course, without marketing you can’t find your readers.

Not to mention the time it takes to write it. Anything worth reading takes time…months or even years of hard work well unless you’re a genius or have nothing else to do but just write or if you manage your time really exceptionally well!

Writers write because they can’t picture life without it. They just write and write and write. When they write they don’t get tired because it fuels their energy and desire to write more and get feedback from their readers. That’s one of the main reasons they write…because what good is writing if you’re writing in a vacuum for only you or a few select people to read? You’re a writer because you want to get your word out to the masses….to as many people as possible who may benefit from the messages you wish to convey and were inspired to write.

For me it comes naturally, it’s never forced. The words just flow like a river runneth over. Sometimes it doesn’t want to stop. (This gift seemed to have channelled through to my speaking.) It doesn’t take much time and I do it because I love to do it and I have something to share with the world and get off my chest.

I don’t do it to ‘beat my own drum and dance it’ as my Dad used to say about other things, but I just LOVE to express myself with words and see it on a page. One of my former co-workers used to tease me, he said I have a love affair with words.

It’s like a spark that just goes off in my brain that says “GO!!!!” I never know what I’m gonna write about until I start writing and my fingers just lead me to my next word and my next and my next until something then says stop.

I had a couple presentations at some companies earlier this year and I was asked to develop a writing workshop for other companies. I never thought about that sorta academic ‘teaching’ or ‘lecturing’ thing before, although it’s been suggested many times even when I did a guest lecturing gig in the US, but I am definitely gonna put some thought into this next year. Diversify my offering. See what I did there?! I came up with a solution to an issue through my blog. I did not decide to take this stance until a few seconds ago.

Writing clears my mind, gives me fuel to get to the next level, allows a catharsis and healing of sorts as I sort out some of the craziness of life that floats around in your head and weighs on your brain. We all have them. Some don’t admit it because some of us have better mechanisms for coping or maybe we don’t want to be perceived as weak or a whiner or complainer. But the truly genuine ones you have in your circle don’t care about that because that’s life…that’s what’s makes us us…and it’s like what Dionne Warwick said, “that’s what friends are for….in the good times and the bad times.” lalalala

All’s fair in love and war. Whoever said that lied. Well I guess that’s another blog.

Stay tuned.

Peace & Love

Have a Happy Friday!

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