Welcome November

Photo credit - Jordon Sanchez. www.unsplash.com
Photo credit – Jordon Sanchez. http://www.unsplash.com

November is here. I can feel it in my pores that Christmas is coming. The clock has also been turned back by one hour today. It signals the changing seasons, the end of the year and the soon approaching new year.

My brain also sends a message to my body that this is a sad time for my family and I. It’s getting close to the time my dear dad passed away last year. I think I’ve been dealing with it well, but every now and then I feel a little sad.

The reality is that I prepared myself mentally for his death, so the blow wasn’t as hard. But I am only human and days like this are expected. I went to sleep with him on my mind and woke up with the same feelings. 

With book #3 (on grief) underway, I am finding a way to channel those unspoken feelings.

This year has been action packed with many exciting moments, but sometimes I feel I am moving so quickly from one thing to the next without allowing time for recovery. At times I feel burnt out and others I am just energized by the rush.

What this month brings is anyone’s guess, but for now I am taking it as it comes and enjoying the moments.

As 2015 winds down, I am aware that there are plans to be made, strategies to be crafted, much work and follow ups to be done, relationships to be nurtured and friendships to be rekindled.

Sometimes when you are so busy, you just keep a few good people close, but there are the ones who were always silently in your corner and you didn’t know. They are the same ones who will always be there for you when you need them the most and vice versa. It’s important to connect and show appreciation, but of course this must work both ways.

Welcome November. Please be good to me!

What are your wishes for this month?

Peace & Love x


2 thoughts on “Welcome November”

  1. …. i stand now, weak at my joints, exactly where you stood this time last year. Only I am waiting for the vague prophesies of Hospice.
    i reach for an arm for some support. There is no one there. I should make close friends with a cane before I fall again.
    for me, imagining where you are today, feels truly impossible.


    1. Anything is possible with faith and positivity. Sometimes things seem impossible but it’s all about conditioning the mind and taking baby steps. Soon you would look back at how far you’ve come with amazement and pride. Best wishes for a speedy recovery xo

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