Life Is Never Perfect, But It Is What You Make It

I’ve discovered a lot about myself these past couple months. I’ve also discovered a lot about the people around me…The ones that I hold dear and the ones that share that feeling with me. As the last couple days of October play out and the hands of time ticks to the end of the year, I am making my final list for 2015 and checking it twice. By the looks of things, if Santa was here, I feel like he’d say that I was nice more times than naughty 😉

photo credit by Greg Rakozy.
photo credit by Greg Rakozy.

My mother said something today that I found myself having to explain. Tonight I make a decision not to justify my decisions to others in order to quell one of their desires to control the outcome of my life.

At the end of the day, you cannot convince others of things to which they hold their own convictions.

The question came up for the umpteenth time of yet another reason that I should have stayed at my second to last job (where I might add I was miserable) before I returned home to start my business last year (Never a dull moment in my family!)

This would have meant not seizing the opportunity and moving to Tobago (sister isle) when I did and not having all those experiences which shaped the life I now enjoy.

The real value is to be measured by all those experiences, people, hurdles and triumphs that were instrumental to me accomplishing the many milestones over the last 2 years. Most notably, these include my second book and my business.

Although the business got off to a slow start, again the experiences I have had and the people I met have been out of this world amazing to say the very least. I did some things that I have never done before like write my first documentary script, appear on live TV (not once but five times!), go to remote areas of Trinidad that I was too scared to go before, see some beautiful works of nature and have some pretty fantastic experiences, interview well known personalities and just meet some awesomely talented and special people, some of whom I’ve maintained contact with to this day.

The most fulfilling feeling was to hear people thank me for the work I have done and express sincere appreciation, confidence and admiration for the impact I made in their life or business. This feeling matches no other and cannot be represented by a price tag.

Each moment just seems to lead to something bigger and better and I couldn’t be more thankful. So while, some things never change and some connections have become diluted or in some cases obsolete, at least I know where I stand and I’m able to identify who are really my true blues.

I never imagined any of this. I embraced the possibilities, let my inner light shine, let it all hang out…the good, the bad and the ugly and the most beautiful people and situations were attracted to my energy. I believe in my heart that those are the ones that were meant to occur at those precise times. And that’s what character is all about. Taking the good with the bad and accepting wholeheartedly the people in your life for who they are. None of us are perfect, but once we recognize our foibles and are willing to work on them, there is always hope for a brighter day.

When you live in this way, life is never dull. Hope is never lost. Dark clouds are not meant to stay. The sun always comes out after the rain washes all the junk away. New friendships are borne or existing ones get stronger. Love surrounds you and follows you wherever you go. Light shines down on you. And everything seems sparkly and new.

Sounds too good to be true? The fact remains that life is never perfect, but upon deep reflection and meditation, I’m sure it may now seem that way or at least some aspect of your life should. Never lose heart!

Tomorrow is another day to wipe the slate clean and begin anew and embrace the possibilities for abundance…

The countdown is on to November!

Peace & Love,
Carolyn x

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