Today Could Be Your Day to Make the Change You Need

photo credit by Matteo Paganelli.
photo credit by Matteo Paganelli.

I know great bloggers blog every day but whew! I need to learn how to balance all the other things in my life to do that!

This past year and more recently these past few months have been crazzy….but in a good way πŸ™‚ As October winds down, I needed to do a blog in tribute to all things past and present.

Many great writers, leaders and motivators all share common philosophies, but we connect with the ones who’s messages resonate with us for reasons of our own.

Something in our history, upbringing, socialization or mindset allow us to stop and put aside time in our life to really listen and take heed.

I never intended on becoming an author or motivational speaker…it sorta happened by accident. Everything fell into place almost like a dream and only a few years ago. And while I know I am not nearly as where I am meant to be, I am taking baby steps in making it a reality.

No one knows the truth behind closed doors. You may find yourself like goldilocks caught between not doing enough or doing too much, but you can only do what you are meant to do at any given moment. Once you focus on you and forget what’s going on next door, you would get where you are going faster.

Comparison will only make you second guess yourself and your achievements, which may be quite outstanding. I always say success (like beauty) is in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone’s idea of success is different and we should not judge ourselves or our life by anyone’s else’s standards or ideals.

I always loved to write and somehow that dream got shelved for a good few years. I asked an entrepreneur friend of mine about his dreams for the future and he shared something that happens to all of us. He said he had a lot of dreams and somehow they got placed on the back burner due to the ebb and flow of life. Now, days later I find myself thinking if this has happened to me.

Life can hit you some blows and sometimes it’s really totally out of our control. No matter how hard you try to overcome the hurdles, something keeps pulling you back. But you know what? When it’s really your time and you muster up the will and courage to change something about your life, there will be no stopping you. The challenges may still come, but what is yours is yours and there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent that from happening.

You must first identify what you want and start putting things in place. Listen to the signs. They are everywhere. Sometimes they come in the form of people, disappointments or adversity. Try your hardest to stay positive, no matter how hard it gets.

Fight like if your life depended on it. Think it, pray on it, sleep on it, dream it until you become it. Every day. Every night. Every moment. Soon you will start attracting all the right people and situations to your life without fail. Learn to identify the weak links and distance yourself from those situations.

That’s my secret to building the life of my dreams. I’m not completely there as yet, but who ever really is? The perfect life does not exist! You must work at it. Constantly. Comparison is NOT good! Everyone’s situation is different and you never know the real story.

Be grateful for your blessings great and small. Whatever little you have is still a blessing. The gift of life, sight, touch, sound, movement is a gift! Imagine life without it?! Can you even? The people in your life are a gift …even if you don’t always see eye to eye (this is a work in progress I know!). Most of all, YOU are a gift. Your talents are God’s gift to you and your gift to the world.

Today can be your day to make a change in your life to put you one step closer to happiness, peace and love.

Whatever you do, remember to make it count!

Have a Happy Friday all!

Peace & Love,
Carolyn x

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