Return to Utopia – Tobago Book Launch

Book Launch TobagoA book about life, about finding your passion and purpose, about our universal connections to others that make us one…

The author traverses time and space using vignettes from her life’s journey over the last 6 years to capture the reader’s senses and illustrate how she claimed what was hers as she searched for the right career.

She admits that hers is a continuous journey of exploration, but life is not about simply going through the motions and hoping to get through one day to the next to do it all over again, but truly being all you were meant to be in life and making every last moment count so that there would be no regrets.

It’s about living your best life, transforming those negatives into positives, becoming unstuck, letting go and letting God do the rest.

Her journey took her to Tobago where while living and working on the island, she was inspired to complete this her second book and transform herself from a “dreamer” to a “do-er”….

This book is a little bit of me, a little of you and it is a recommended must read for artistes, entrepreneurs, those transitioning careers or seeking their deeper purpose or a more meaningful existence.

Come experience this book launch in her second home of Tobago and your life will never be the same!

You’re in for a treat with Jazz, behind the scenes with the author’s editor and designer, a professional book review, dramatic book readings and a witty and engaging host.

You would feel as you were teleported through time as you live vicariously through the author’s life.

You won’t want to miss this…it’s not your average book launch…it’s an EVENT.

Email: to book your spot and RSVP by September 8th 2015.

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