This is gonna be a short blog. I promise. Things are always working in the background. I’m never gonna forget that again. I’ve been meeting some really cool people over the last few months (and years). And this transcends all genders, nationalities and geographical borders. Trinidad. Tobago. Grenada. USA. UK. The list goes on…

I almost said I can’t believe my luck, but luck has nothing to do with it. It’s plainly and simply a blessing. I may not be perfect, in fact I am reminded of that every day when faced with a challenge. Heck, I don’t even go to church that often! (But strangely enough my priest knows me very well! In fact I always get a great big bear hug (that feels oh so good!) and welcome back (to the ‘author’) each time I do show up!)

But in all seriousness, I do pray quite a bit and consider myself spiritual. And it’s by no fluke that I’ve attracted all these awesomely wonderful people and situations to my life. I’m excited and humbled by the thought.

So I met this kindred soul at a workshop a few months ago (that lasted all of ONE HOUR!). She became an instant friend and even came to my book launch, then later after another meeting at a coffee shop, she came to my home one Saturday to help me with my blog! Not many people do that after just a few hours of knowing you. I’m super grateful.

Then again I met another cool chick at a workshop in July! I thought she threw away my business card since I hadn’t heard from her since, then I received the nicest voice note from her on Facebook today explaining her absence and wishing me well! Who knew you could send voice notes on Facebook!?? I was blown away.

Let’s just say she motivated the motivator when I needed it most! LOL…She told me to just let some things be, quit worrying and what’s to work out will work out how it should! She only met me for two days and gave me words of encouragement and expressed how much she believed in me! Ohemgee…

I’ve met some cool people in Tobago as well who became instant friends after only one meeting. Too many to mention.

Writing about it I have this goofy smile on my face to know how great life can be when you truly believe, let go and let your inner light shine! Wow!

I am trying to retrace my steps to see what I did or said, but I realized there’s no need. I’ve said this before. Sometimes all it takes is a minute to make an impression.Β I’ve learnt that you can know someone your whole life and they will never be truly in your corner.

But the ones who are true will know and love you from the start no matter what you do. They will see the inner you and remember the good and not the bad. Because at the end of the day we are all imperfect beings with foibles in all different ways and forms. What’s important is that we can identify them and work on improving.

So stop trying so hard to impress. Be yourself! And let your inner light shine for all those special people to see!

It just keeps getting better every day and every month and every year! It makes me want to be a better person…I try so hard…but sometimes I get stuck. But that’s part of being human. The challenges make me work harder and it’s how I grow and continue to fulfil my purpose.

OK, so I lied (and I seldom do!). This was not a short blog, but if you’re still reading, I guess it was worth it πŸ™‚

Peace & Love,