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Some days I have fleeting thoughts about my decisions in life and if they are the right ones. I know this is what I want to do with my whole heart and soul, but a part of me wonders if there’s a better way…a more impactful and meaningful way to spend my days…

I wonder what people are really thinking deep down when they read my work or hear me speak…I hear the wonderful things some tell me, but…I get impatient and a tad bit frustrated when other things are not happening fast enough or the way I want it to happen…or worse yet…silence!

Sometimes I wonder if I am making a dent and then several people tell me how impressed they are by my efforts! And I go really!? lol. Ah yes, I guess we don’t ever see ourselves how others see us. But these thoughts are fleeting….

Sometimes weeks, months or years can go by before someone comes out and says how they really feel. And you then realize this person was rooting for you all along, if only you gave them half a chance! But I digress…

I listened to Joel Osteen tonight and though distracted by making dinner, I could see and hear the television set through the open door of my bedroom from the kitchen. I realized the way I feel from time to time is part of being human. It does not mean I am any less “faithful” or any less a believer or lack confidence or faith in my abilities or the outcome.

I know passion and persistence wins the race and my friends remind me these things take years to make a profound advancement. But things are always working in the background. In fact I was telling my mother this today at lunch when she doubted the practicality of certain professions especially in our society where favour is not always won because of talent.

Sometimes we find it easy to celebrate the ones who are already at the top of their game…the ones who have seemingly made it big and appear to have all their ducks in a row. Sadly, this is life and if we dwell on this, we would never aspire to their perceived level of success. I truly admire the ones who can see the potential and love you for where you are as you are.

For the past year, I’ve been speaking to various people at all different levels and sectors of entrepreneurship who have been in business longer than I am and I marvel at how they think I am doing so much when I think the same about them!

We are all doing our thing and when we look at others, we sort of lose our footing…our grasp on our own reality, our great strides and abundant blessings. It may not seem much to us because of how close we sit, but if you step outside of your own reality, you may be able to see yourself how others view you.

We all know that we should not look at our neighbour, but sometimes it’s so darn hard, especially when we are constantly surrounded by their “greatness”…but you know what? We are amazing all on our own.

When we focus on our own inhibitions and truly support our peers with an open and sincere heart, our job and our journey becomes a whole lot easier. You know what else happens? Doors open up to us like clockwork, the right situations find us and people show up in our lives to help us like never before!

I am living proof of this as it has been the common thread throughout my life especially more recently as my faith grows. I guess I must be doing something right after all!Β I am amazed and blown away, humbled and super grateful for all these wonderful people in my life that I have attracted because of my energy and aura.

It just keeps getting better and I trust that the best is yet to come.

I dare you to try practising gratitude and celebrate your fellow man, then watch the abundance unfold in your lives as you grow from strength to strength.

Let’s go!

Let the blessings flow!

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Peace & Love,

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