Burning The Midnight Oil

It’s been 10 days since I’ve actually written a blog post 😦

I’ve been busy planning my Tobago launch and other book promo related things. I’ve been burning the midnight oil, night-after-night for the past almost 2 years come to think of it since I started my own business and now my body and mind is crying out for rest! What I need is a MONTH in Tobago to recharge and unwind and do nothing but sleep, eat, write, repeat and sip margaritas at the beach! But this is not possible in the real world of a new entrepreneur!

Imma tell you, writing a book and planning an event is HARD work! But I’m loving every minute of it. It keeps me on my toes and on the edge of my seat to wait and see how it all turns out. The rewards are multiplied 100 fold. I will never read a book or go Book Launch Tobagoto another event again and look at the end result and think this happened without much effort. I would appreciate and give respect where respect is due. 

My first launch in June was FUNtastic, but this too took months of planning. I admit that I did have help along the way, especially on the day, I was blown away by all the support I received from my friends who all pitched in to help. But this one…is sweat, and again I am a wreck…but I will try not to fret…I’m hoping and praying that it turns out great.

I have faith that my Tobago peeps will also show up to make this a fabulous event just the same. Already I am seeing it happening. I am soooooo GRATEFUL to each and everyone of YOU! Lots more work to do and emails/letters to write and calls to make to ensure this event is a success. I need to have a little more faith!

So far my editor, jazz singer and master of ceremonies are booked. YAY! I am happy. When that last ticket is booked, I’d be even happier and exhale a sign of relief. Then it’s all on me in pulling the rest of it off behind the scenes. Scripts are half-way written…2 more to go! 2 more letters to write. Then bookmark tokens and cards to print next week!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing TV interviews and the like. The first month the book was released came the press promos. I was lucky to be featured in 4 national and regional newspapers as far as Barbados. Then in July and August I’ve appeared on Tobago Channel 5’s Rise & Shine morning show, Channel 4’s AP Today’s inspirational afternoon talk show (a whole hour!!) and this past Monday I appeared on CNC 3’s The Morning Brew…Phew! I am told I should hit all the shows, but I think that’s it, at least for now!

At first I thought I was probably lucky that the first one went well and there was no dead air. Then it happened a second time and then a THIRD. Wow! I’m on a roll. Then it suddenly hit me: it was all my prayers and preparation and PRAYERS!! Years ago I could have never done this, but I am thankful I am now at that place where I can surrender all and just speak from the heart and watch it all unfold seemingly almost without effort. I have conquered my fears!

One of my friends even thought I had the questions for the interview beforehand! And another told me, “there’s no luck in that my friend, you just know what you are doing!” he said. lol. As I turned back on my cell phone as I came out of the TV studio on Monday, I got an outpouring of whatsapp messages telling me how great the interview was and how proud people were of me!

People who I didn’t even tell to tune in or who I didn’t think would have the time, watched and showed their support! My Trini peeps and my Tobago peeps over in the sister isle also tuned in, took photos and sent to me! Awww 🙂 I felt so loved…Am I being silly and overly emotional?! Please forgive me, I can’t help it…I’m having a moment. LOL. This is better than (press) and tequila and so unexpected!

When I posted to social media, I was surprised the response was the same. Hurray! I hope this translates to book sales and more business LOL. Anyhoo, it’s all good.

Thank God for His bounty. I feel blessed that I must be doing something right!

Have a Happy Friday evening all and an even greater weekend. And remember to make it count!

It’s an Independence long weekend in these parts….HAPPY INDEPENDENCE T&T! 😀 …I’d be celebrating…at home…at my computer…with wine…wishing I was in Tobago watching fireworks like in 2013…*wink wink* lol

Peace & Love xo

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