Judge Not

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Life has an unbelievable way of working out things in your favour. Sometimes it may seem

photo credit -By Joshua Earle www.unsplash.com
photo credit -By Joshua Earle http://www.unsplash.com

that it’s playing tricks on you.

Life may appear a bit unkind and unfair at times, but we never know what’s right around the corner. 

Often you may find yourself craving something in your life; perhaps because someone else has it and it looks glamourous to the onlooker. But after careful examination, we find ourselves at a crossroad, only to realise that our life is pretty awesome as is, without comparison. 

With age, we begin to realise that the road of life is not always easy. There will be adversity and disappointment; betrayal, heartbreak and trials. 

What is important is how we deal with them all. Do we try to see the silver lining or do we question the reasons why? Indeed we all have our own share of tribulations and you can be sure that no one escapes this fate. 

In retrospect, we may realise that setback or disappointment saved us from a worse fate or prepared us for something better. 

It may seem that some may have an easy life and we may be puzzled when things appear to always go their way. However, what we don’t realise, is that we don’t know anything about that person’s life and what really goes on when the party ends and the doors are shut to the outside world. We don’t see their pain, insecurities and sacrifices. 

Meanwhile others may be also having similar thoughts about us. We must always remember that we each get what is duly ours in the end. 

We live in a society where most people rely on some sort of belief system for support and guidance. I have proven again and again that our Creator always sends us the things and people we need at the right time. With faith, the things we need the most will present themselves in our lives at the precise moment when we least expect it. 

Sometimes it is not the most pious person that is rewarded in the end. 

It is not the person who religiously attends church or does charity in an ostentatious way. 

But it is written that the meek shall inherit the earth and no earthly man is the judge of what’s in our hearts and souls. 

I strongly believe that once you truly trust and share your gifts with humanity, your life will attract not (only) things of a material nature, but all the things that really matter; like true and lasting joy, peace of mind, fortitude, willpower, talent, a close network of genuine people and enough of everything we need in order to survive comfortably and live our best, most fulfilling life. 

Call me a sentimental mush, but each person you have met in your life and every experience you’ve had up to this point, both positive and negative is unique and special in its own way. It has certainly left an indelible mark on my psyche. 

It is up to us to transform the negative ones into positive learning experiences, learn to discern and keep the connections open with the people who’ve proved that they deserve a place in your life. 

If it feels forced and people can’t accept you for who you are, foibles and all, it’s probably not right and you must acknowledge this feeling and move on. 

My deepest wish for you is to never give up on your dreams as it is never ever too late, regardless of your age or circumstance. 

Both the late Dr Maya Angelou (American author, film-maker, actress and civil rights activist to name a few of her unending credits) and the (late) Louis B Homer (Trinidadian historian and journalist) have contributed to the world’s corpus of knowledge well into their 80’s. 

They are an inspiration, as they adopted a no-holds-barred approach to their creative aspirations. 

Food for thought: Strive to find ways to fulfil your purpose in your daily life, not only in a grandiose way which may take some time and tenacity, even for the truly great amongst us. 

Above all, may you live a life of abundance until your work on this earth is done. 

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