The Trivialities of Daily Life in Modern Times

I have all these to-do lists in my head. I feel like if I write them all down, I would lose my grip and suddenly slump into that place…oh that place..It would remind me of working an 8-4 again. After all, I consider myself a creative type that doesn’t need lists in order to get stuff done. I’m driven by passion to go where the inspiration leads me. Yet…

I have a sticky note app on my computer that my friend installed for me 2 years ago. It’s sort of intimidating to look at it each time my computer boots up since there are lofty things on that list since 2014. I’m a procrastinator (sometimes), but when I get going, I really gooo…So…

photo credit by Jordan McQueen.
photo credit by Jordan McQueen.

This post is not about how to get stuff done. It’s about putting some order to my madness and finding a way to curb my procrastination.

On Sunday, I procrastinated all day long with a presentation I had to prepare (it’s Sunday after all!). However still did necessary things that needed to be done.

At a quarter to 8 in the evening, I surprised myself and managed to write 5 pages of my speech with funny anecdotes in 30 minutes flat. I practised it with my family and had it almost memorized by midnight.

Today I wasn’t so lucky. I slipped into a slump. It must be that time of month! LOL #TMI. I’ve been putting off the re-write of an article for over a week. This is my biggest challenge to date. I’ve interviewed several different people, with several different opinions and now I have to make it flow! Ahhh the agony!Β But I look forward to the outcome of this article. It’s part of the rush whence all good things come…like a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

I was hoping my mini-vacay/business trip/family outing to Tobago would have cleared my mind. But it didn’t. It made me yearn for more. It was much too short. It’s an indescribable feeling that can’t quite be recaptured in the same way as when I lived on the island. Those moments in time are frozen though and it will never be the same, even if I do move back one day. It’s irreplaceable. So for now, I have to live vicariously though my memories and use it to take me forward in the present, shape the future of my new life and create new memories.

As I write this, so many other odds and ends and projects and new things-to-do are floating in and out of my mind! 24 hours to a day is just not enough time! My website also hit a snag today. I almost had a meltdown when an online chat didn’t solve the problem and I had to do over the task almost from scratch after spending an hour on it in the first instance.

Lucky for me, I resolved it tonight. Hurray! I’m once again in my happy place. Oh, the trivialities of daily life in modern times!

This is a good time as any to catch up on my reading and finish unpack! Or maybe I’d just take a nap πŸ™‚

Peace & Love x


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