The Missing Pieces

After a much needed hiatus, I am back to the blogging world and back from my trip to the sister-isle of Tobago. It was wonderful to re-connect with friends that I haven’t seen in months and also spend this time with my family. I felt as though I was sharing a part of my life’s journey with them in a very real and practical way.

I also made a TV appearance on Tobago Channel 5 to promote my book and it went quite well. That day I make a decision to stop being a wreck the night before! Be bold, be brave and let go already! Everyone that heard it on radio and TV said I sounded really good and one of my friends even reached late for work. lol And I was worried! It suddenly occurred to me that I seemed to have really grown and things that would have made me nervous before doesn’t really phase me now. When did that happen!? What a thing! I can’t wait to see the footage of the show.

I mentioned in my book that even though I’ve been to other metropolitan countries, Tobago has a hold on me. (You can see why below). I think I needed to be on the island when I was in order to evolve into this new me. It’s an experience I would never forget. Although things weren’t perfect all the time in all areas of my life at the same time, the overall experience held significance for me and the people I met and moments I had were exactly what I needed. I think I may have to write another book about my experience on the island! Maybe a collection of short stories/journals to capture it all and get it out of my system! #Somuchthingstosay

Tobago Pigeon Pt. jetty by Carolyn K. Correia 2015
photo credit – Tobago Pigeon Pt. jetty by Carolyn K. Correia 2015

Life is soo amazing and exciting when you’ve found your passion and life purpose. It keeps you up at this hour (after 2 am) despite having gone to bed at 11 the night before and up the next morning by 5:30, a 3 hour boat ride and errands. Now, just to wait for all the missing pieces to fall into place in my life and of course…to unpack! LOL

Until next time,


Peace & Love,


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