So another birthday awaits and for once I have no thoughts. My tradition is to blog a few days before, but I think this one may catch me mid-birthday! lol. I wrote an article again about my thoughts about aging which I’m hoping is published. My mother however misinterpreted my intentions! It’s like 7 years ago all over again.

photo credit - Kelley Bozarth
photo credit – Kelley Bozarth

I had to remind her that that first article is what birthed my career as a (published) writer and author.

Anyway, as my editor told me last December when she just started editing my book, “Carolyn, you’re not writing for your mother (to read alone).”

As much as I want approval as I turn another corner, I need to let go and stop trying to be a people pleaser.

My thoughts on aging is simple and tried and true: You are as young as you feel. When I said this to someone about 2 years ago, their response was well, that they feel old and beat up lol.

My thoughts on this, is try to take care of yourself in your youth and even more so as an older person. Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, practise positive thinking/meditation/reflection/introspection, surround yourself with positive genuine people, don’t overextend yourself trying to do everything, be everywhere and being everything to everyone!

Going after your dreams is another story, while we must do what we were created for in order to find true fulfilment, peace and joy, it’s important to remember to pace yourself and don’t get caught up in vanity.

At this point in my life, I don’t feel old. In fact I declare that I am not old, despite the labels society wants to place on you after a certain age. I am happy with my life as is and the strides I have made due to sacrifice and commitment. I have not one regret as I honour the challenges and setbacks as part of my journey and development.

I won’t change a single thing and the only thing I am yearning and bursting to do is fulfil my purpose more fully. This brings me joy like no other. I am excited for the prospects of what each new day and year can bring and I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for me.

In a sense, you are the creator of your own destiny, but what is to be will be. However you can’t just sit back and bemoan your situation waiting for things to fall into your lap. Even if you have to write it down, visualize it, speak about it (to the right people at the right times) and come up with a plan to make it happen staying open to the abundance of the universe.

Don’t get me wrong. I am no spiritual guru, heck I don’t even go to church that often, so I don’t know where all of this is coming from.Β Even my priest doesn’t hold it against me and welcomes me back whenever I do show up. He even mentions my writing and some of the work I do in his sermons sometimes! I am humbled and honoured and inspired to do more. Today I got 2 bear hugs and a special birthday blessing because I did not want to stand up in front of the congregation when they called out birthdays! lol.

The place I write and speak from, is a true gift and it flows naturally almost without effort. I thank God that the inspiration keeps coming despite my shortcomings which I am very aware of. I am working on the patience and tolerance department and this is a work in progress.

Usually people make New Year resolutions, but I make birthday resolutions. If I have to take my own advice, (although I like to think of it as sharing what I’ve learnt. I don’t consider it giving advice), this year I would try not to sweat the petty stuff, I would learnt to let go and live fully in the moment. I would try not to worry about the past or the future as I’ve proven things have a way of working out once you surrender and have faith.

I won’t get upset or worry if someone doesn’t like me or disagree with my point of view. I would try to worry less and not lose sleep if I lose some followers on social media!Β lol. I will not take it personally if someone I value doesn’t return my call or message or attend my events! And most of all I won’t worry about things taking longer than expected as I know the right things are always on time.

I would stop trying to please everyone and forget about relationships or friendships that have died a natural death as I know they were not meant to be. I will give thanks for the lessons and learn to move on. I will honour all the people who have proven they deserve a place in my life and nurture those friendships and relationships.

I will think consciously before I act/embrace a new situation or person. I will rely on my gut for the answers. I will always put God first and not worry about offending anyone because of my beliefs. And of course I would never give up on my dreams.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Peace & Love xo