When It Hits You, You Feel No Pain

The past 7 days have been absolutely fabulous and I continue to practise gratitude. Last week after several attempts for leads on human interest stories, I paused and said a quick prayer and voila! Later that evening I received a phone call from a friend who attended my book launch with his girlfriend. He put her on to talk to me and that led to me meeting and doing my first story on a local celebrity. When my story is published I will share full details of who this mystery person is!!

Then I happened to be on facebook at the exact same time a notification came in and I just happened to click on thatDSC04409 particular notification! That led to me signing up for a free Storytelling and mentoring workshop with one of the greatest Caribbean storytellers of all time, Paul Keens-Douglas. Wow! Nothing short of a miracle!

The wealth of knowledge received from these two men were an amazing escape from reality. They inspired me to push harder to succeed with my business and find new creative ways to establish my brand.

Although several years my senior, I seem to hit it off almost instantaneously with these two legends and exchanged stories and chatted like we knew each other for years! It was an incredible experience. I guess it’s because of the close relationship I had with my Dad.

What I learnt in one week, trumps anything I was formally taught at any university. I am humbled and grateful for the honour and privilege of meeting them when I did. I really needed that to take me to the next level of my journey.

I felt compelled to present my mentor with one of my books: “How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours”
Yet another amazing rush performing a monologue/sermon at the ‘Mentoring by the Masters’ Storytelling workshop on Wednesday 22nd July, 2015

Honestly, here’s what people seldom tell you: despite outward appearances people are always dealing with struggles of their own silently. These are my views and not expressed by any of the persons named in this blog post.

But for many people, it’s their passion and commitment to their artform and the people they serve, that make them get out of bed each morning to do what they do and make a difference in someone else’s life.

For me, there are some days you feel like giving up and you ask yourself: “What am I doing all of this for? Does anybody really care if I faded into oblivion tomorrow and go back to a normal quiet 8-4 kinda life!??? lol”

But above all I love what I do and would do it regardless, as it brings about so much fulfilment, peace, limitless joy, healing and change in myself. Sometimes when the words come out of my mouth or spill onto my page, I myself can’t believe that I produced it. It’s like Bob (Marley) said: “when it (the music) hits you, you feel no pain.” I say to myself that this gift can’t go to waste…it is heaven sent and I feel blessed that it continues to grow daily despite my foibles.

One of my sister’s friends understood it so well and out of the blue he told me today to stay positive and continue doing what I’m doing because I serve mankind! “Everything else will fall into place, Carolyn” is what he said. Though he’s never even read anything I wrote or heard me speak to an audience, he said these words at a time when I really needed to hear it. I couldn’t believe that someone who I haven’t spoken to in several years understood me so well.

Moral of the story: Never judge a book by it’s cover, all that glitters is not gold! Everyone is fighting a battle unknown to you and you don’t know what it takes for them to get to that point in their lives. The reward however is something that never grows old. The real reward comes when people tell you how your work made them feel or cope with their own life. This is a priceless joy and when you find it, don’t let go. This is the secret to life.

Happy Friday…Remember to Make it Count.

Peace & Love


  1. Hello Carolyn.

    This is inspiring. I’m thankful that you are at a place of pursuing your life purpose and true fulfillment. This is not always captured in a regular job (8-4 or 9-5). It definitely takes courage to pursue one’s God given purpose, even when it means abandoning so-called job security, and less earning.

    Be blessed.


    • Thanks very much for this comment Petrunella. As an entrepreneur and artist, you sometimes wonder if you’re doing the right thing, but every time someone comments or tells you that your work has inspired or helped them it suddenly all makes sense and serves as the motivation to continue. Nice seeing you this week. See you at the Tobago launch x


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