Today I Was Transported Decades Through Time

While you may think that nothing significant is going on in your life, there’s always something working in the background. Sometimes the change you want is slow in coming, but once you are steadfast and convicted in your pursuits, if you think carefully, your desired outcome may already be manifesting itself in different ways. 

photo credit by Michael Baird.
photo credit by Michael Baird.

I met with two friends from elementary school today who I haven’t seen in many years and it was as though no time had passed.

We caught up and connected on so many levels and what I realized (besides the fact that I like to talk lol), is that in life no one remains the same. While we may change physically with age, our vastly different experiences is what makes us uniquely who we are.

As I listened to my friends (who are married to each now), tell me about living, working and travelling to different countries, I felt connected to their story in a way that allowed me to understand the evolution of our lives.

While my experiences may be different, I realize that I have a lot to share as well and my story is what makes me who I am and determines my future. My friends asked me some very interesting questions that made me evaluate my past and future. I also discovered that I want to share some of my stories with others (which is something I was always afraid to do) and it’s now abundantly clear that I have made a complete transformation since my school days and even most of my adult life. I’m not sure how and when this occurred, but I am glad it did.

My friend told me some things tonight that he observed since school days and it took me back down memory lane. Some things I weren’t even completely aware of and no one ever mentioned before. He told be that he remembers how devoted my Dad was to me and how close I was to him. It was amazing, as I was transported back in time to my 7 year old self as I remembered when my father used to drop me off and pick me up from school in his early hatchback Mazda 323 and Kingswood.

I am thankful that he decided to share this with me, but I was also very surprised that someone else noticed and remembered this from such a young age. Children’s minds are amazing! I did not let it on to my friends, but I literally froze as my mind went back in time a few decades well and looked on at our collectively younger selves (especially my Dad). I tried my best not to give into the feelings that memory brought.

I learnt that my friends’ also lost a parent almost 2 decades ago and they still get emotional, so I guess this is normal for me. In fact I think I am a bit abnormal in dealing with my grief, since I seldom let the sad feelings linger. I just accept that he is no longer here in physical form, even despite the sporadic flood of painful memories, it does not affect me in an overt way.

Time is a hullava thing. Tonight I watched a documentary on CNN called To Heaven and Back and for the first time since my Dad died and my own close encounter with death last year, I felt afraid to embrace the subject of death. It was an amazing learning experience that will no doubt help me in the future.

Have a Happy Monday and fabulous week. Remember to Make it Count.

Peace & Love


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