All’s Well That Ends Well

I feel like I’m suffering from information overload. There’s so much things to read and see and do. I want to get to them all…at once, but of course this is not humanly possible! My week was fraught with awash of emotions (I think it’s a female thing if you catch my drift! lol. I know TMI) but I am glad to say I am over it and back to my normal self 🙂 What started out shaky has turned out quite great and for that I’m happy.

across the ocean
photo credit by Aurélien bellanger.

I’ve connected and re-connected with some awesome people in person and on social media and I feel a renewed sense of hope and drive. I continue to be guided by my instincts and a great example is not going to the store my mother wanted to go to today, but instead we arrived just on time at another location which found me standing in the grocery isle with my old work colleague from Tobago…Chef Sonia! Yay! 😀 What a small world.

And it’s the day I decided to run out of the house with not much preparation thinking I would not get out of the car! ha! I was pleasantly surprised and as we stood there hugging and smiling with each, I realized how awesome it is to re-connect with people from your past.

The past is never really gone until you step outside of your mind and open up to the wonders of the present. I was just speaking about my proposed launch in the sister isle and Sonia’s name came up last night with my other chef friend from Tobago and voila! I run into her today! How about that!? It was destiny lol. I haven’t seen or spoken to her in ages, but it was as if no time has passed.

Another note to self: although people are not active participants in your life, doesn’t mean that they’re not interested. So many people I meet tell me they follow me on social media and are either inspired or proud of my progress. The support is awesome and I’m glad to know that what I do is not in vain. We may never think we are doing quite enough (when measured against someone else) but believe me, if you’re trying your best and doing it for the right reasons, it will always be enough to the people who are receptive to your message and purpose.

Ever so often I receive a comment on my blog and it just inspires me beyond words to know that people of all demographics and nationalities are tuned in and my work makes a difference in their lives in some way. Even if one person comments, it makes such a huge difference to me.The stats don’t always reflect the level of engagement and people don’t always show engagement by “liking” or commenting, but the mere fact they are there and listening, says something. 

All’s well that ends well. A lesson learnt and another week inspired to do more. Tomorrow I’m on location for a new story. This may be my biggest one yet…

Stay tuned.

Peace & Love

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