Where I Get My Secret Stash of Fairy Dust

This blog is different from what I’m accustomed to. Beware.

They say ask and it shall be given unto you. Several things I’ve been praying for recently have materialized in lightning speed and I am soo thankful. One such thing was some leads to human interest stories for the newspaper that I write for. I got a call tonight and that solved that problem. Now if only I can think of the winning lotto numbers! lol

photo credit by Gabriel Santiago. www.unsplash.com
photo credit by Gabriel Santiago. http://www.unsplash.com

Today was my first day back at the gym after a two month hiatus. Another reason to celebrate. I had some health scares a while back and it’s safe to say that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! I am elated 😀

I must say I did not feel it at first, because I thought I did little or nothing during my workout, but it was rough. Real rough. I feel beat up and tired, yet I still continue. Now I learn that I may have to make an early morning ‘run’ with my mother. Ahhh. And I have a meeting in the afternoon. There are worse things right?

Yeah like children dying of cancer and people not knowing where their next meal is coming from. I am thankful I have food and a roof over my head.

Sometimes we worry over the most inane things that’s just not worth a second thought. Like me worrying about someone not coming to my book launch….or returning my call or email. Or someone who came to my launch and said it was fantastic, then deleting me off facebook! Weird huh? But, yes there are worse things. I overthink things I think but this is probably a crescendo of recent past events.

I guess it’s better to weed out the insincere people sooner rather than later. Maybe I’ve just been shielded too much in my formative years…but I still wonder why we can’t just all get along? Seriously. Whatever happen to people saying what they mean and meaning what they say! I talk about this in chapter 5 of my new book (The Cold Harsh Truths) and 12 chapters later, I’m still faced with the same dilemma.

The question of who to trust and letting go of “weak links”…the ones that no longer serve you or were not meant to have a place in your life. The ones that smile and wish you well, when this is not the intention deep down. I think I need a built-in radar that first detects it and then flashes bright red and tells me not to give a damn! lol

As my friends tell me all the time: “this is life Carolyn, welcome to the real world…you are late!” lol

I probably am. But maybe I’m just an idealist wishing the world was just made up of marshmallows and cookies and cream where people said exactly what’s on their mind.

I am slowly waking up from this fairy tale. But I take out my magic fairy dust for special occasions like today. I had the greatest day when I presented two very special people with books. I think autographing and seeing the looks on people’s faces as they read their inscription is the second best part after writing it. Of course the feedback and reviews is also one of the most gratifying parts of being an author. I won’t trade that high for all the chocolate (or wine) in the world.

Suddenly I’m not tired anymore. If I keep on writing maybe I won’t need that fairy dust after all.

Peace & Love

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  1. Hope for everything and expect nothing.

    “If first you rid yourself of hope and fear
    You have disarmed the tyrant’s wrath:
    But whosoever quakes in fear and hope,
    Drifting or losing mastery,
    Has cast away his shield, has left his place,
    And binds the chain with which he will be bound”

    Ask yourself the purpose of writing. Is it for fame, money, or because you want to share your experiences, philosophies, or events of your life? I do not seek to demean you, but to develop.
    If you want honesty be prepared to accept it, without any form of rancour or whatever. You’re surrounded with an excellent PR machine, extolling your brilliance. But I personally would rather
    make my own summarisation compared being told how wonderful and brilliant you are. of course
    we all have choices, accept or reject, my forte lies in asking questions, as to why?


  2. Thanks for your comment. Most of us write because we want to share our gift with the world. By virtue of the profession some of those other things you mentioned also comes in time. Actually it’s funny you should mention this because in my book I talk about this same thing. I found myself compelled to share with you a little snippet from Part 2 – Chapter 10- Let the Magic Unfold

    “It is also important to remain grounded and focused on the real purpose for making your mark. The rise to the top is inevitable for the truly blessed and gifted, but sometimes we get carried away with the rewards that come with it: the fame, the fortune and the supposed “glamorous” life. The real purpose for our gifts is to help others along their path to self-actualization, to lead by example and teach others that it is okay to fail and have doubts. It’s part of being human. Our story can inspire others to move beyond their comfort zone and break through the barriers of fear, human frailties and inhibitions.

    All the worldly rewards cannot replace the feeling we get in our hearts when we help another person to achieve their purpose and live a more fulfilled, happier life. This is a priceless and timeless joy, at least for me. It is through our service to others and our desire to grow that we are able to learn from our past and recognize the effort required to evolve to an improved state of being.”

    Peace & Love….Have a great day!


    • Dear Carolyn

      Appreciate your detailed reply to questions. Assuring you much appreciated, and understood. Reminiscent of the butterfly effect. In physics, it describes how small changes in initial conditions can affect weather conditions thousand of miles away. Imagine – fragile butterfly can alter weather patterns on another continent! Had it not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the weather system might have been vastly different. Your writings are comparable. You may feel insignificant at times, as fragile as the butterfly. It may appear like you’re are just flapping your wings when you are standing alone for truth and honesty in your writings. You faith, your words, your deeds, your prayers, your example, your kindness and persistence can release the power of belief in self more than you are aware” If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “move from here to there.’ and it move. And nothing will be impossible for you’. May Our Creator continue to bless you and loved ones, with His guidance, wisdom, and peace

      [image: Picture] Leon


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