So I was on a roll with daily blogging, until I said it out loud and jinxed it 😦 For the past two days, tiredness caught up with me and I found myself fast asleep on the couch after the news and before I knew it, it was morning. What a thing!

I’m here to prove to myself that I am still committed, yet I’m slowing realizing once again that I should not force it. Blogging, writing and everything we are passionate about should just come naturally. It should not be a chore or regimented routine that we must stick to or else!

photo credit by By David Mao.
photo credit by By David Mao.

Until I discovered google analytics and facebook “likes” I was never so pre-occupied with perfection and approval for my writing. So there is a downside to technology or rather we (I) just need to condition our mind(s) differently.

My friend Roxanne keeps drumming into my head for the past few months that this is the most superficial way ever to gauge support or authenticity, as it means absolutely nothing!

I learnt along the way that somethings just work and others don’t. My book editor taught me that unless you “bleed on that page” readers would be less likely to connect to your story.

I admit I was not a very “bleedy” writer before I wrote this second book (How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours) and while I shared some very personal things, I can’t wait for the outcome of my future books as I grow into this emotional writing phase.

For now, I write, I grow, I change, I learn.

It’s a continuous journey.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come and I’m in awe of other writers, bloggers, authors and speakers also on this journey.

You inspire me!

Happy Sunday!

Back to bed!

Peace & Love