Finally I am Free

Today was a day I was anticipating for so long. It could have meant an entire shift to my life. I went through a range of emotions getting to this day, then it came. It has taught me several things which I would share with you:

You can’t recreate the past

The past only exists in your head. No matter how great it was, you can’t hit that spot again. Those moments were meant for

photo credit by Chris Sardegna
photo credit by Chris Sardegna

you to experience in that capsule of time. Nothing or no one can come along again to capture that magic which you once felt. It now exists in your head and heart and you need to move on in order to have new experiences and fully live in the present. No more pinning away for the past or longing for the future. This moment is yours to experience in the now.

Don’t give up your life for someone else

My friend from Tobago tonight shared some of her wisdom from church with me. She told me that you can’t expect to put your life on hold for anyone to say that you are helping them cope with life, unless it is an extreme circumstance or matter of life and death. I wish I spoke to her sooner. I’ve come to realize that this is so true. Do what you can today…what you think is best for you and everyone else will fall in line. It’s your life and you have once chance at it. Make your own decisions for all the right reasons and don’t base it around anything or anyone else.

Don’t sacrifice your dreams for anyone or anything

I’ve wrestled with so many decisions over the past few weeks. Today I realized that nothing is more important to me than my writing. I’ve fought for so many freedoms and privileges and my day is finally here in so many ways. I am thankful for the support of my mother and friends who have stood by me through thick and thin. My decisions rests in the guidance that was inspired by my connection to my creator for sending me all the right people and situations to my life at all the right times.

Finally I am free. Free to live the life I have always dreamt of. Where this story ends, I do not know, but today I am grateful for here and now, how far I’ve come and the support I have received. I am a humble servant to my readers and the people who have contributed to my development.

Peace & Love


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