My New Home!

photo credit – Riley Briggs –

Right now I’m soo dead tired, but I couldn’t resist posting at my new location. With the help of a friend I migrated from blogger to wordpress in just a couple hours. I did not even know this was possible! I’m stoked.

I thought about it for over a year now, but just within two meetings of blog guru, Vernette, she helped me move my entire life in words over the last 8 years! I’m super excited and grateful for this kind and generous soul.

I must say this is different, but a nice different that I welcome. Blogger was good to me, but my new home feels great. I love it. Still navigating my way around, but I love the feel and look of everything and can’t wait to get started and share with my new community of bloggers that await!

Not bad a for a day huh? I also updated my website. I’m now exhausted, so I must rest.

First on the agenda…try to figure out how to add a blog roll, cool apps and start following some more really cool blogs! Feel free to poke around my blog and hit follow/subscribe so you never miss one of my posts!

After a day of sunshine, it’s now been raining off and on for the past few hours. Whenever it rains, it reminds me of my dad. As I stood on the porch tonight and watched the raindrops pour down from the heavens, I said a silent prayer that he is in the rightful place where he belongs.

I will always love you papa. I miss you. Everything I do is for you. Sleep well with the angels. xo

Peace & Love


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