The Eve of The Big Day

I’ve been sleeping quite a bit. Today is the eve of my book launch of How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours! It’s been a long journey but I am glad the day has finally come to celebrate all my hard work. It was exhausting but so worth it! 

This week in particular has been gruelling. I almost feel like I am planning a mini-wedding! Finalizing the artwork for the banner and programme, collecting the banner, table cloths, bookmarks, writing scripts, liaising with speakers, getting my press stuff organized, co-ordinating willing volunteers, getting my dress (yes!) and soo much more. Today was a rest day and I have to leave it all up to God now for the details to be worked out.

Tomorrow we’ll see how things turn out. I am glad for all the stars to be aligning in my favour. I am looking forward to reaping the fruits of my labour.

Special thank you for those angels that surround me in human form. I will remember you always.

Stay tuned.

Till next time.

Peace & Love xo

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