This Is All I Know

I attempted to write this blog several times, but have no reasonable explanation why I haven’t until now. I tried to contain my excitement after sharing it with a few, but I am here to tell you the reason for my smile.
photo credit – Percy Parker-Williams
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Last Thursday 18th June, I delivered a presentation to one the local chapters of our Rotary Club on “How To Live Your Best Life: What Will Matter Most When Your Best Years Are Behind You.” I did not anticipate the response received. 

I always read about (motivational) speakers wowing their audiences and while I think I am not quite there yet. I was blown away by the comments made after and during the talk. One gentleman to the back even gave me a “thumbs up” lol as I told my stories. I even got a few laughs!

I remember attending a conference last year at the Carlton Savannah hotel facilitated by Robert Garcia of SHRM international. That day HR was the most exciting thing for me, as he used several anecdotes to paint a picture and make his subject matter come to life. It was real life storytelling at its best.

I remember driving him back to his hotel and telling him that I wish I could do what he did. The thing is, I didn’t even try to on purpose, one day (and that day was Thursday), it just happened! How about that?

Persons came up to me afterwards saying that they enjoyed the talk and could identify. It was a humbling experience to hear them say what I shared struck a chord with them, some also wanted to find out how to find their purpose and get my book to help their children! Incredible.

It was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. I thought nothing could top the feeling when I addressed students (teachers and parents) at the graduation ball of my Alma Mater years ago or even when I addressed college students at Eastfield College in Dallas, but I was wrong. It keeps getting better.

Sometimes I think to myself that I am doing “too much” and I feel a bit guilty or bad about sharing my accomplishments/passion/joy with others, but then I remember something my author colleague Akosua Dardaine Edwards said at her book launch a few months ago: 

“Don’t little yourself for anyone….don’t dim your light. You are meant to shine. Why we like to little ourselves to make others feel better?” I thought about this for quite some time and I always remember it whenever I try to withhold my sparkle and passion for life. 

Something my other author friend said rings true when we sat down for dinner a year ago when I moved back home from Tobago: “Others think that I am doing so much, but this is the only way I know.” To this I said with a nod and an excited glimmer of relief and empathy in my eyes: “I feel the same way.”

Maxine and Akosua are my role models for where I want to go with my writing and speaking career. I am not anywhere near where I think I can become. The sky is the limit. I will try my best not to “little myself” and as the famous (former) Calypsonian Chris “Tambu” Herbert once said: “The journey now start!!!!”

Thank you very much for all the support thus far. The hits, the thank you’s, the encouragement, the comments, the advice and most of all for just being there.

One more thing before I go, I wish to say thanks to Dr. Basil Springer for this wonderful mention of me in the Barbados Advocate today in his column: Serious Business: Are We Doing Our Best? . 
I am humbled and deeply grateful! Abundant blessings to you!

You can find him on and

The countdown is on to my book launch!

Peace & Love!

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