All My Beginnings With No Endings…


I’ve been going through old pages of my notebook(s), trying to find that spark that’s been missing for a while and I found so many beginnings of stories without endings. I thought I would share them here. Maybe I will finish them one day. Or maybe you will.

“I threw the Big Rock, the big one. I could have chosen the little one but I didn’t. I threw the big one. It cracked the glass real good and a siren went off. But I didn’t run. I wanted everyone to know that I had thrown the rock. The Big One.”

“Your wildness draws me in. Teach me to be untamed like you.”

“We call it the choking mist. Fine particles of dark matter rise up at the sun peeks over the hills. It covers the land and for 18 hours every day and no one is allowed to go outside…

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