Sometimes Age Is Just a Number!

A friend said something interesting to me tonight. While I can’t repeat it, I will say this. The strength of a friendship has nothing to do with age, or how frequent you speak to each other or even if waters or distance separates you. 

I told her we don’t lime (trini for hang out) or even speak often, yet we have this deep unspoken connection that bridges all gaps. She said to me, “we have meaningful conversations whenever we do speak.” 

My friend just celebrated her 60th birthday and she doesn’t look a day over 50! Tonight made me realize how deep our affinity for each other run. I am pleased to call her a friend.

I think this blog is long overdue! I’ve been consumed with putting together my upcoming book launch. It’s quite stressful but I’m enjoying it. Tonight I also get ready for something major tomorrow that I will of course update you on once completed. 

In the meantime, I just wanted to express my appreciation again for stopping by and checking in on me…I wish I could have more frequent posts, but I would soon make it up to you:)

This week has been crazy, but I realized there is a master plan and meaning to everything that happens. I had a few last minute changes to the programme, but once I recovered from my panic, everything just fell into place like a dream. I am really humbled and grateful for the blessings and support. The stars are once more aligning in my favour.

Today I learnt that with age brings reason, but sometimes it’s just a number.

Until next time,

Peace & Love

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