Live Long and Prosper

I appreciate all the feedback on my blogs for the past few weeks from the bottom of my heart. It’s because of this that I crawl out of my bed to make one last post to end off this week. It’s my Friday special just for you 🙂

In the past I would not usually share so much, so I guess I really have grown both as a writer and a person over the last couple years. I have my friends and editor to thank for that. But yet, I am aware that I still have a way to go.

Admittedly I was opposed to sharing so much personal info in my writing. In fact I was kicking and screaming, so I’m at a loss what brought about the metamorphosis. (I also talk about this briefly in my new book.) But I digress…
Family time at Brasso Seco – photo credit C. K. Correia 2015

Today as I sat in the doctor’s office waiting to review my test results, I flipped through an old edition of Marie Claire and was so inspired by the editor’s note. Joanna Coles who was editor-in-chief at the time, spoke about passing up a high profile job in Britain because of the impending birth of her second child. 

She said that the long hours of work would have made it impossible to give her baby the necessary attention. In retrospect, it was the best decision, because it led to other editing roles that finally got her into the editor’s chair at Marie Claire. She ended by saying something so powerful that I should have written it down, but I didn’t 😦 If memory serves correct, it was (to paraphrase) live your life, whether it is work or play, don’t fret over what’s passed and new opportunities will find you. 

There was also a similar story about Mara Brock Akil who is the writer and producer of the Game and Girlfriends and how she was so driven in her job, then one day looked around the studio where she worked and (this I remember) saw that the men were all married and the women were single! lol. At that point, she realized something was missing in her life and wedded her boyfriend soon thereafter. But I digress once again!

While I was waiting (the things that go through your mind)…the song Evergreen by Barbara Streisand came on and caught me off guard…It took me back to elementary school during summer vacations when my mum had dubbed this cassette with all these (old) songs to which I learnt all the words as we often sang together (even at that age!). For some odd reason (I don’t know when I became the sentimental mush to cry at movies and songs) I started to tear up. Before I knew it, I started to sniffle and wipe away tears in the middle of the waiting room! Woosah! I couldn’t explain it, but a few hours ago it suddenly hit me the reason why.

I realized what my older friends have been telling me. Before you know it, you spin around twice and blink and your entire life has happened before your eyes! Wherever did the time go!!!?? I was just a lil’ child, sitting on the couch with my mom, singing happy songs, watching Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music! Now we argue (and make up) and sometimes need our own space. 

With my Dad gone now, I often think about her longevity and what the future might bring when I can’t argue with her any more. It’s a sad, morbid thought. I shut it out of my mind as soon as it comes and pray for good health and long life for my family and I. I do what I can to take her to new places, shop for her when she can’t and cook her favourite meals.

My test results wasn’t as bad as I thought. I am healthy YAY! It drove me crazy with all the scenarios running through my head over the past few days, but all is well in Carolyn’s world once again. Until next week.

Note to self: Make the most of life and cherish the ones you hold dear. Life is short, unpredictable, you have one chance at it. Tomorrow is promised to no one and it can all change in the bat of an eye. Make it Count.

Live long and prosper!

Peace & Love

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