Hope your Wednesday was just great. I have been super busy….I just published my second book! I’ve waited for this day for soo long. It’s been a long journey but the rewards are sweeter by the day.

I wish to thank all those people that helped with the process: my editor and designer Patricia, my beta readers Yohann and Marie-Ella and all my family, friends and colleagues who have supported me and provided the encouragement and inspiration throughout this 6-year journey. You made sure I did not give up and for this I am grateful.

Most of all my dear Dad who is no longer with me physically as I write this…you started this process and I thank you for the inspiration. I will love you forever and I know you are here with me in spirit.

I just ordered my sample copy and anxiously await before I make any more announcements!! It was A LOT of work, but the digital copy looks great and I can’t wait to share with all of you.The countdown is ON!!!

I can’t THANK YOU enough for joining me on my journey.

Feel free to message or email me at inspirationescape@gmail.com if you want to touch base or subscribe to my mailing list.

LOVE, luv, xo