A Writer’s Dream Come True

Today proves that hard work pays off and dreams do come true.

In reality my day did not start off the best. I don’t usually get headaches, but for some reason

photo credit – lime.tt
Buccoo Goat and Crab Races 2013

I had a mind numbing throbbing sensation in my head for most of the day and last night

I thought I could be just suffering from stress and sleep deprivation or some kind of allergic reaction to something I consumed. I even missed my interview for a story this morning (the interviewee was also suffering from a migraine, so I guess everything happens for a reason).

But today was absolutely awesome for many reasons.

A couple Sundays ago, I interviewed my former work colleague and chef friend from Tobago via Skype in a series on entrepreneurship. 

The article was published in the newspaper today and the response was overwhelming. You can read it here: http://www.newsday.co.tt/features/0,211422.html

Before I could call her this morning she had already received a couple phone calls from persons wishing her well. 

I quickly ran out of the house to purchase my copy of the Newsday, even before having my morning tea. After finally getting my copy at the third shop I visited, I couldn’t wait to tear open the newspaper.  My delight was so contagious that the shopkeeper started to smile as I opened to page 1 of the features section, while I  began to explain who it was! lol

When I returned home, I got a call from Curlyn telling me she received another phone call and email, this time from the Dean of a school in South Trinidad! He said that he was going to talk to the Food & Nutrition teacher, since every student of her class should have a copy of that article because it demonstrates that hard work pays off! Ohmy!

photo credit – Frederic Dubray © 2014. All rights reserved.

He said that next time he was in Tobago he wanted to taste her “sweet hand”! I couldn’t believe my ears, I was super excited.

I got a text a little while later from Curlyn telling me that I wouldn’t believe how many people were contacting her to congratulate her and invite her to cook for them, mainly in Trinidad. 

By the end of the day, a little while ago, I called her to find out how her day went and she told me that she received over 20 calls and emails from people (mostly strangers) all so happy for her and wanting to taste her food, especially her Antiguan dishes. She said one woman even told her she cried when she read the ending of the article!!! Ohhhmmmy 

My heart is bursting with gladness for my friend. This is the greatest reward a writer can receive. Although Curlyn thanked and congratulated me, I congratulated her for having such a determined spirit and a wonderful and fulfilling life. (I want to be just like her when I grow up!)

I am glad I got to know her and see the person inside. We met at a Career Fair in March 2013 shortly after moving to Tobago and became instant friends (like so many of my other Tobago peeps 🙂 As my Dad’s aunt would say (or so I was told growing up!) “God blessed the day I found you!” 🙂

I always visit her when I’m on the island and she even came to the launch of my workshop last year when I moved back home. Every word in that article is authentic and I live vicariously through her life, each time I read it. I feel connected to her in spirit and she feels like family. 

I love you with all my heart Curlyn John and I wish you the very best life has to offer!

Until next time…

Peace & Love xo

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