Today is Sunday. The day after Saturday (as a popular local radio announcer would say :). 

It’s the day after I “unveiled my book” to the world for the first time. After checking my hits, I did not get the response that I anticipated. Yet I continue… 

Yesterday was after all Saturday, people probably have other stuff going on(?) I did however receive a really lovely comment from one of my mother’s friends who ended, by saying she can’t wait to read my book.

Tobago 2013. Carolyn K. Correia. All rights reserved.
In chapter 5, I talk about disappointments like this a lot. 

Not for silly things like blogs and “likes” but for bigger things, like promises being broken, like people not meaning what they say and not saying what they mean…

Like a season ending and not knowing why.

I talk about losing faith in humanity…then by part 2 I describe how I was literally rescued by a stranger who risked his life to save mine. 

I share how I somehow attracted so many positive situations and people who genuinely care about me and what I do and demonstrate it repeatedly by their actions.

Last month I did a story and met someone who promised to help my mum. I thought that promise was broken when my messages to that person went unanswered last week. I really beat myself up and worked myself into a frenzy, because once again what I thought to be authentic proved to be a façade. I was wrong. 

Today I took a time-out and sat on my porch while I meditated and prayed for a short while. The sun came out, so I came back inside and lay on my couch. In less than 10 minutes, my phone buzzed and it was a text from the said person wanting to come over and visit my mother! Wow!

God works like that!

After experiencing disappointments over the past few months (and year) from a few different people without as much as an explanation, my faith is renewed by a few good deeds. 

I’ve learnt that there’s good and bad in everyone and everything. You win some, you lose some. The ones who are true blue, will always be for you! The others are a test and lesson (in trust) along your path. 

I also offer as an explanation that perhaps, people just have their own internal (and external) struggles going on. It’s more complex than that though and sometimes things remain a mystery until the time is right. Sometimes you never unravel the truth, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles and acceptance is part of moving on and healing. 

My friend Roxanne always tell me: “you have to pick your battles, some things are just not worth fighting for.” I am now beginning to understand what she’s been telling me all along.

For now, I wait and watch it unfold. You are not in control of everything, but you can control how you react. Each day brings a new lesson. This is what I learnt today.

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Peace & Love x

Happy Sunday!

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