Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms around the world, especially my Mom. Best wishes to all mother’s-to-be and those that play the role of mother:


Knows what we’re thinking without us having to utter a word

Serves multiple roles – mom, sister, best friend, boss

Can’t stay upset for longer than 24 hours

Offers the best advice although you may not want to admit it at the time
Has the fortitude and willpower representing generations of strong women
Has made endless sacrifices and would give away her last possession for her family
Embodies truth, honour and discipline
Makes the best meals, fudge and fruitcake to cure any human condition
Allow you to make your own decisions even after she has offered her pearls of wisdom
Mom we love and thank you heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon
EXCERPT FROM THINKING OUT LOUD (great gift available on Amazon and a bookstore near you!).