Kindred Souls

I haven’t posted anything to this blog in well like…never…lol. I am still torn between platforms and having to move everything over to another space. I kinda like my old home, but after reading all the wonderful posts from fellow bloggers I decided posting to two blogs every once in a while is not a bad idea at all. I just have to strategize and decide what this blog will be about.

This weekend I attended readings from two authors: Akosua Dardaine Edwards (author of “What Did I Learn Today” and “Nyabo” (Madam) Why are you Here” the latter which talks about what she learnt whilst working in Africa. I felt connected to her journey, yet with a distinct identity of my own.

Today I listened to Dr. Jennylyn James (author of three memoirs of her experiences living in Ireland, California and Canada). Her passion and exuberance were infectious. These authors have inspired me to keep trucking with my second book and get it out into the hands of my readers.

Like another author I’m following Vanessa Salazar, writing is my number one passion and I can’t NOT write. My dream is to return to Tobago every now and then; wake up, sit on my old back porch and take in the wondrous scenery and do nothing but write. I loved living there and everything about #IslandLife ….That’s me back in 2013 at a friend’s villa.

Arnos Vale, Tobago © C. K. Correia 2013

When I get hungry, I’d pick something from the garden, go inside and cook, have a glass of wine. When I need a break, I’d drive to Bacolet, Black Rock or Pigeon Point and have a beer with some friends, take a dip in the ocean (not in that order!) and repeat as necessary.

I plan to do my workshops every two months and copywriting to pay the bills and just write books and articles for several magazines and newspapers. That would be my ideal life. When I can afford it, I’d take a trip to somewhere new and exotic.

I’ve learnt this weekend, that the world is just waiting for us to discover new cultures, personalities and ways of life. I am of the view that if we don’t, our vision and world view will be myopic. We really don’t know what we’re missing when we stay in one spot for too long.

Do you think I will succeed with my dream!? What are some of your dreams?! Do share! Remember anything is possible once you keep at it and don’t give up. Keep hope alive.

Until next time.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

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