How I Learnt to "Unplug"

OK! So it seems that I’m once more a ‘once-a-week blogger.’ I’m not sure how I got here again, but somehow I’ve lost my zeal for blogging (not writing though):( For the first time, I’ve been deliberately postponing blogging…partly because I just didn’t know what to blog about, then I worried unnecessarily about how my blog would be interpreted…After 7 years of blogging, I just had this thought! I often wondered when this day would come, but it’s a fleeting thought because I love sharing with you.

Today I “unplugged”. I found myself growing more and more tired as the weeks went by, so I returned to a practise that I exercised last year. Once a week, I would not turn on my computer and just devote my time to reading and catching up with family. 

I had planned to spend most of the day in bed, but that was not the case. After going to bed at 4 am this morning working on the FINAL draft of my book, I woke up excited, refreshed and ready to go again at 9:45 am. Drat! I purposely reminded myself that today I was going to take it easy and not get inundated with work. No emails. No book talk. No Skype. No workshop business. Just recharge and catch up.
photo credit – C. K.Correia 2015
I cooked the night before, so it was easy. I spent most of the day on my porch with the gently blowing breeze, taking in some sunshine and the magnificence of nature. The birds, the mountains, the plants and flowers. I stayed there until the sun set and dark crept in. 

During the day I meditated and read 9 chapters of one of the many books I started months ago. I chatted with my mother about everything and anything. I shared with her what I learnt from the various videos I’ve been researching. I watched her as she watered the plants while I (finally) painted my toes:) We drank tea and exchanged categorically good and bad stories of customer service both locally and abroad. 

We told stories about my Dad and listened to some Jamaican gospel-reggae! It’s been over a year, but I could never finish telling her about my own tales about living in Tobago and all the people and situations I encountered. My funniest story was travelling back on the ferry close to midnight one night with thunder and lightning, then driving back home to a blackout! 

photo credit – C. K. Correia 2015
Grown men were seen to be “jumping” whenever thunder rolled and lightning lit up the night skies through the windows. Meanwhile the workers on the boat (so accustomed) laughed loud belly laughs! I was so amused that I bb’d my friends and emailed my sister abroad from my phone, describing to them what was happening. 

(Funny I wasn’t really scared, but at the back of my mind I still kept thinking about the Titanic lol. To pass the time I had snacks and a beer at the bar while I watched a movie until the boat docked:)

photo credit – C. K. Correia 2015
Now this April day is almost done and I’m refreshed and recharged, ready to face another week. Just for one day we did not argue or disagree! We took a stroll down memory lane and loved it. We cried and laughed and released. 

I gave my brain a rest and did not worry about my publishing deadlines, unanswered emails, flyers, unwritten articles, interviews and marketing my workshop. 

It was refreshing and it’s what good memories are made of. It’s feels oh soo good to unplug every now and then. This is gonna be my Sunday ritual from now on. I may even throw in a second day! 

Please feel free to share with us how you unplug from the rest of the world by posting a comment below or via the contact form on your right!

Have a great week 🙂

Peace & Love


  1. I recently took two days off of work and decided that these days would be the closest I can possibly get to a vacation (bearing in mind I have two toddlers).So I met up with a friend and had a late lunch one day while the

    other day I took the opportunity to do a much needed, first time, head to toe body massage.It was awesome. Since the two days surrounded a weekend I was also able to browse the Upmarket.I wanted to go there for the past year and a half and always put it off.Let me tell you something there is great talent out there.I really enjoyed it.Alike you Carolyn I ensured that I spent time with a parent, my dad on this case.He and I sat and chat together about every and anything. I'm meeting him again tomorrow and we'll chat again.Im sitting right now watching a late movie since there's no work tomorrow. Isn't life great. …You just have to luv it.


  2. Sounds wonderful Keisha. I could imagine how great it felt! Yes life is great. Giving thanks for life. Little things like this make it all worthwhile. Keeping taking your time-outs and spending quality time with family…you will always look back on those times with fond memories. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Peace & Love


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