Bring Back the Old Time Days!

I am trying to keep my blogs short from now on based on the reviews over the years. But sometimes you know you have soo much to say! Something happened today that I was debating whether to blog about. It should not even be an afterthought, but it got a second thought despite my intentions. 
photo credit – C.K. Correia All rights reserved 2010
Macqueripe Beach, Trinidad

On my way home from two meetings today I stopped by the mall to exchange a pair of shoes. As I was walking back to my car, some girls and a guy was sitting on a bench. I did not really look up to meet their gaze as I passed, since I was concentrating on navigating around the puddle of water in front of me. 

Still, I ALMOST slipped in my heels. As I passed by, something very derogatory was said by one of the girls. Something to the effect of: if I should fall, they would just laugh because I purposely stepped into the puddle of water!

I thought about this and how nice it would have been to react to this statement. Then I just shook my head and wondered if this is what our society has been reduced to. I spoke about this briefly in my first book – Thinking out Loud. I wondered what happened to the good old days our elders told us about. Then I remembered this is just one person. This is not a representation of the wider society. After my car accident last year, I realized that there are still good people who genuinely care about helping others. 

As my memoir unfolded, I also came to this realization on my own. I discovered this also (as far as) Grenada and Tobago. Though this second book is about my professional journey, I also disclosed some personal sentiments which accounted for my growth. I started off in one of the earlier chapters mentioning that I find that authenticity in many relationships (both platonic and romantic) are lacking, as so many I thought to be close to me have shattered my sense of trust. By chapter 11, I realized that the universe has always been working things out in my favour my whole life, if only I slowed down long enough to take notice. I was either being protected or prepared/strengthened for something greater.

Things are always working in the background. Every perceived bad occurrence in your life, is a blessing turned inside out. The cliché: “find a silver lining” holds true. Be still and quiet the internal “noise” and you would suddenly become aware of your disguised blessings. Can you also think of ways where this is happening in your life? Feel free to post a comment below.

Have a great weekend.

Peace & Love

ps I don’t think I succeeded in keeping it short!

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