Happy March!

photo credit – C.K.Correia 2015

Giving thanks for another great week and an even better month ahead. Last week was fun. I am reminded of how good it is to have great people in your circle. 

Over the last week I reconnected with friends and caught up with a cousin I hadn’t seen in a while. I remember my Dad taking me to meet her for the first time when I had just entered university. Those were good times.

Being back at her house over the last few days, I remember the times spent there with my father and all the nice memories we had. I reminisced about playing with her very large imported English ‘doggies’ as she called them, picking mangoes, grapefruits, pomeracs and drinking coca cola! Those were the days when I was thin and not as health conscious! That was before my wine days:) Now when I go to her house, I have Prosecco and still pick mangoes and talk about the good ole days. I also marvel at her still lovely and beautifully abundant bougainvillea flowers.

Being in a different surrounding with different people does wonders for your psyche. You get different points of view and step outside of your own little “Idaho” just for a minute. You realize that some things you were fussing over seems immaterial in the grand scheme of things and this too shall pass. You also value other people in your life more. 
Church does this too. I am now discovering this as I attended the Lenten Retreat last week. I decided I am going to rekindle my relationship with going to mass. I admit I may have been wrong. It’s such a wonderful feeling to listen to the choir sing all those lovely songs I remember from school days. It also helps that my mother is in the choir 🙂 This together with the humorous homily and welcome back hug from my parish priest seems to heal all the areas in my life that needs healing. 

So here’s to March: May this month be filled with everything you NEED: peace, joy and love. Stay open to the endless possibilities and allow the right situations and people to find you. Reach for the sky and watch your dreams unfold. Oh and remember to Make it Count!
Peace & Love

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