Everything Lasts for a Season

It’s Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. While everyone is out revelling: fêting, getting ready for J’Overt and Mas’ (street parade of the bands), I am content with being all snug indoors with my manuscript, books, wine and watching it unfold on tele (did I mention my best bake and smoked herring?!). Having plugged into social media, I realize that there are many others like me. 

photo credit – C.K.Correia 2015 All rights reserved
Queen’s Park Savannah, Trinidad
Last Friday night out on the town proved that I do not find comfort in those things that once excited me. I guess I am on a different journey. 

I have a ticket for Tobago and while I wish I was there already with my friends, all I can think of is all the things I have to do here in Trinidad before I can totally let go and relax.

Are there things that you once enjoyed but for one reason or another your priorities have changed? What caused the shift? Do you think you would get back into that zone where those things matter to you? 

Although I was never much of a  fêter, I do enjoy a good lime with good company every now and then (did I mention good food and drinks too? lol). Nothing lasts forever and this season will soon pass. I will let loose and have some fun. As we say in trini: “all in ah timing!” 

Popcorn and more wine anyone? 🙂 The Dimanche Gras now in progress!

What are your burning desires for 2015? What is standing in your way?

Peace & Love

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