Which is the Lesser Evil?

Monday got off to a good start. I made a lot of progress. Then this happens. My bliss was not meant to be, but such is life. It doesn’t take away from all the work I got done and connections I made.

I must say once again: thank God for good friends (you know who you are!) and thank God for technology. A friend of mine despite the waters that separate us, rescued me from a toxic situation tonight with his words of wisdom. Though I’ve only known him a few months, he always believes in me despite showing him my flaws and he does wonders to rejuvenate my spirit…Many blessings to you!

Someone else asked me tonight about trust. That’s a very serious word. What is trust if it doesn’t go both ways? Many of us struggle with this issue and never find the answer. I will keep searching until I do. 

I’ve trusted many and been disappointed many more times over, both in personal and professional life. I’m sure we have all been. But how does this guide our decisions going forward?

It would be great to believe that communication is the answer, but sometimes this does not work for several reasons. Even if it appears to work for a while, I’m beginning to think that people would always think and act as they please. This despite your greatest efforts to explain to them rationally otherwise. 

Deceit and jealousy I think are the two worst evils in the world. I think I can deal with anything else, but this has been the root of all evil since the beginning of time. It cascades onto other areas of the infected person’s life and causes more damage. 

There are many resulting side-effects like anger, betrayal, sabotage, character assassination and reproachful behaviourial patterns. I could go on and on, but time does not permit.

The question is: would we ever be able to escape it? To be comfortable in our own skin, be grateful for our own blessings and be genuinely happy for others despite our differences? It only takes one person to poison the well and begin a chain reaction of distrust and negativity. 

If we can’t be honest with ourselves, there’s no room for trust with anyone else.


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