I Found a Basket Full of Goodness

It’s funny the passage of time and the things we hold on to. I did the usual cleaning over the Christmas holidays and found this basket of greeting cards that was sitting atop my wardrobe (that my Dad built) for the past few years. It was like finding a hidden treasure!

I’ve had it since I was a child and hadn’t gone through it in ages. I’m glad I kept it because it brought back so many memories. And to think my sister wanted me to throw it out! 

What a loss that would have been since I even found cards that she had sent to me after migrating. Imagine finding cards from 1989 written in someone’s handwriting with a special note for the New Year as opposed to an e-greeting or email. The joy!

As I went through the basket, I found handmade cards from old school friends, a notebook, letters, postcards and greeting cards from penpals from Germany, Holland and the Philippines. I found handwritten letters from my Mom and sisters from a time that seems so distant. 

Some made me smile, some made me nod and some even made me a bit angry to see that nothing has changed in all this time. On the other hand, some made me laugh and even a bit nostalgic and filled with emotions I can’t describe. I felt love in those words from my Mom. I felt cared for and I felt compassion. I felt things that were never expressed verbally. 
I know there’s much more to see and read…and I can’t wait to revisit a place and time etched in history…to get lost in another world when life was different. When I was different. If only for a moment. It’s almost as great as photographs….and dare I say: the internet! 
I will treasure and savour it bit by bit, as if it’s a present or fine wine, or dark chocolate. But most of all, I will keep it as a reminder of an expression of love.
There is this young lady at the local Hallmark store who told me she kept cards from since she was a baby. I did not understand why she did until now. What did you save from over the years? Do you have any of your old cards?


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