Lean, Mean Rhyming Machine!

Where did the first Friday of 2015 find you? I have been visiting friends over the last few days…it’s wonderful catching up…so grateful for our paths having crossed! Thank You. What do you value the most in a friend? I love their sincerity, supportive nature and genuine, honest, neutral conversations and advice. I love their empathy and how they wish the best for me and vice versa. 

photo credit – C.K. Correia © 2013. All rights reserved
Jemma’s Treehouse Restaurant Speyside, Tobago 
I just got a call from one of my Tobago peeps and as always it’s such a joy to connect. Can’t wait to see you this year…hopefully for Carnival or sooner! BIG love to all of you…near and far….you know who you are. I am literally bursting with gratitude and excitement for a brand new year of adventures.
So far I have two tangible goals for 2015: to publish two collections…one is my book (which is being edited as we speak…will share more soon) and the other is a collection of poetry. This I wrote in June right before my accident. It’s quite an emotional piece! Woosah! 
I deliberated over this for a while but having read it for two of my friends, I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and get it out there. My healing and catharsis is done. It can’t do me any good hoarding it…it’s meant to be shared and enjoyed. 
As I mentioned some months ago on social media, I never paid much attention to poetry in the past, as I thought I wasn’t creative enough, but life has brought me to this place where I can vent through this forum. And you know what? I realized that I’m a ‘lean, mean rhyming machine!’ Not sure about the form or the ABAB…rhyme and so on that I studied eons ago, but a couple poetry gurus I know, told me to just write!
I was going to use a pen name, but my friends said that’s not necessary as what I’ve described in this collection is universal to us all. I am human and everyone has these experiences at some point in their life. They were all impressed and feel that people would be able to connect as the reader/listener can actually feel the pain and emotion that I describe through my use of words and projection. 
I would love to do a spoken word CD as well, but that’s way into the future and possible only if I am blessed with some miracle to meet the right people and find the resources to do so! Hey…it has happened before!
Did I ‘whet’ your appetite for more? Stay tuned….Will keep you posted!

Newsletter/Blogs come soon!

Peace & Love


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