Do You Have False Expectations of Others?

Oh noooo! I missed my Boxing Day post…ahhh well. Here I am….This is my post Boxing Day post…For those just tuning in…This is my 5th post for the week (see earlier posts here: Hope your Christmas was grand and you are still enjoying the season with family and friends as we get into gear for the New Year 2015. I’m currently listening to Nat King Cole, Jim Reeves, Frank Sinatra (old blue eyes), Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis and Dean Martin…a CD I made for my Mom a weekend I visited my parents last year…oh the memories.

A Tobago Christmas – Scarborough Botanical Gardens
Photo credit – Carolyn Correia. All rights reserved 2013

I posted to my personal facebook page a while ago that I’m thinking it’s time to move on, now that my reason for staying here is gone. I no longer feel tied to these shores and I miss my Tobago free-spirited life so much. I know you can never really go back and return to how things once were, but who knows. It’s just a thought …first I have to think about survival because coconuts just won’t do (:

Tonight I visited a friend’s house…I got more than I bargained for: book, business and life advice, inspiration and well…good food, cake and ponche de creme…who could top that right? And to think I almost stayed home. I always say: take two steps outside your front door and change your perspective. 

My friend’s significant other told me I should return to Tobago. This after I told them about my new book and what it was about. Part of the inspiration came from the sister isle. But most of all, my Dad inspired me to start writing books all those years ago and that’s one of the places we shared a love for. I will never forget those priceless memories. We were chatting about life and death and my friend Rabindra told me that my Dad’s last words to me imparted everything I needed to live my life successfully.

I’ll also share unabashed that I was told tonight that I’m weird….because I expect everyone to be like me and hold my values and expectations. He said to me that I have high expectations of people. He said other people would offer what they can (in terms of their friendship, time etc) in their own timing… *scratches head* I’m so not used to this. I wondered to myself if this is an authentic connection…What do you think?
As I drove home, I saw another friend’s lime in full swing…(hence the reason for this comment…To use my friend Curlyn’s Antiguan expression: Meh warn you! (meaning could you believe?) Needless to say I missed the speed bump in the process and nearly damaged my tyre! lol). Still, despite my ‘weirdness’ I couldn’t help but wonder if my invitation got lost in the mail somehow…not even a Merry Christmas! This is weird I thought, since this person has been in constant contact with me…and not the other way around…But I digress…
I’ve come to the conclusion that people have different levels of involvement and authenticity. What I thought was an actual friendship, may just be a casual acquaintance to him and other friendships that have died a natural death over time. In the past, I would have just distanced myself from such people…nurse my hurt for a while and take my time to move on. Now, I still find their behaviour sooo difficult to accept…but times a-changing. I am changing….Need to learn to accept and deal with it accordingly. That’s one of my 2015 wishes…What a change! I think that’s weird!!! 😛 ….It’s Christmas … I’m just having a silly moment 🙂 But there’s some truth to it!

Thank God for all my wonderful friends and good times … don’t know where I’d be without you (you know who you are) … thanks for loving me in spite of my foibles …people say that if you meet two good friends in a lifetime that’s plenty but it’s been 10 – 20 years and counting in some cases and you’re still at my side …you all help me become a better person and vice versa …the new ones feel as though I’ve known you a lifetime… I feel so blessed and fortunate …. Much love ….God bless the day I found you! ... Decisions …decisions for 2015…

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