Have A Very Merry Christmas!

Yesterday I finally mastered the art of Mail Chimp…What an accomplishment putting together my self-imposed mailing list! It took a few hours but I did it…after shelving the project in May. 

So now, I will be disseminating mini newsletters with my blogs and updates….Can’t wait…The only thing left to do is master the art of personalizing it to include names…(which I thought I did…If you can help, please give me a shout via the contact form to your right or a comment. 

Folks the day we’ve been waiting for is mere hours away…let’s not forget the reason for the season which is the birth of a Saviour. Here’s my first ‘campaign’ via Mail Chimp…what d’you think?

Peace & Love…until tomorrow…
Wishing you and yours peace, love and joy during this Yuletide season.

May the spirit of Christmas warm your hearts and stay with you throughout the New Year and beyond.

Extending thanks for sharing in all the magical moments of 2014.
Bringing good tidings from our home to yours…
May all of your nearest and dearest dreams come true.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for an Abundant New Year 2015

Peace & Love,

Photo credit – Scarborough Botanical Gardens, Tobago.
Carolyn Correia All rights reserved © 2013.

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