To Blog or Not to Blog

Why I’m awake at 2 am is anyone’s guess. Actually I’m reviewing my second book before I send it off to my editor over the next few days…but yet I should be asleep. A few nights ago I went to bed at 6 am. Then I realized that some of my friends who are also entrepreneurs or just creative kindred spirits are also up at this time.

The reason for my blog: I think I need to take my techy friends’ advice and that of fellow authors and bloggers to resume blogging every day. It can’t hurt right? Especially since I’m getting ready to launch a new social media campaign as the countdown to the publication of my new book is on. 

For the subscribers who got here by accident (meaning my friends/acquaintances who I subscribed to this list) I will not bombard your inboxes every day unless you really want me to…which you can indicate by way of a response to this blog. 

If you’re game and you want to hear from me every day, just reply by saying: “I’m in” or better yet, log in to and “follow” or subscribe to my automatic posts. 

If I don’t hear from you, I would assume that either: a) You get too much mail as it is and can’t keep up, or b) You don’t read my blogs anyway! lol…No offence taken. Some of you may already notice that not all of my blogs come to your email.

So I digress. As I continue along my path of healing, I realize that the mind is really something. It’s like a garden hose…if you prevent some of the water from spurting, then you control how much you want to get wet. So too with your mind. If you purposely try to block out and filter some of your thoughts, the less you would be affected. 

But be on your guard, this has a way of backfiring as just at the water pressure may build up and unexpectedly let loose…so too can your thoughts and emotions take over when you least expect when doing normal things like driving, watching television or grocery shopping.

For the past two nights I’ve returned to my room to sleep since that first night of my Dad’s passing. I’ve realized that I am very conscious of his memory when I am alone to myself. With family over, it was easy to avoid the full onslaught of this. I even dreamt the first night that he was trying to tell me something and gave me a great big hug. I wasn’t afraid. Although I could not remember what he was saying, I woke up at peace.

Have you lost a loved one? If so, how do you deal with these emotions?

So I’ve decided I will blog. Are you in?

Peace & Love

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