I Will Always Remember You

It’s been a sad few weeks…So much has happened that it now feels like a dream. Surreal. But it happened. And the memories, good and bad…will live on in time forever as long as memory serves. 

My head is not in the right place to expound on the nature of my grief at the moment. However I would say this much: Life is short and unpredictable. We are all just ephemeral souls drifting through this life. Make the most of the one you have, so that there would be no regrets when all is said and done. 

Live life in such a way that you can confidently say when you have crossed over to eternal life and light, that you have fully lived, learnt, shared and loved. Material things are fleeting. To touch hearts, minds and souls is eternal. This will live on forever.

Tobago – January 2013
I’ve said this over the years in my writings without fully living and experiencing the range of emotions to bring my statements to life. 
The words which I wrote and spoke were not mine. It was inspired by God and influenced by my life’s experiences and upbringing. Now more than ever I am thankful for my parents and what they have taught me and done for my siblings and I. 
Life is such that everybody is unique to internalize and rationalize things in a different way. Not everyone has the mental clarity, neutrality and ability/gift to do so. I am thankful that I can separate the truth from the untruth and extract the positive from almost every negative situation. I am also glad that my purpose is inextricably linked to this rationalization and gift.
You have made my life richer and happier in infinite ways. I hope you knew that at the end. I am grateful and happy beyond words that I made the right decisions and choices this year 2014 in particular to make your life more pleasant and make the most of our time together. I feel super blessed for the time that we shared. 
You said you will be proud of me regardless, but I feel it is my duty to continue to carry on your legacy. You have taught me so much in more ways than one. I will always remember you. The time we shared were indelible memories sealed with love that can never be forgotten.
May your soul RIP and may you sing and dance with your angels in the glorious kingdom (you know what I mean). Be my personal Guardian Angel and watch over me….till we meet again to spend an eternity of peace, love and happiness. I will LOVE YOU FOREVER.

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