Book #2 Update

So I’m back — 2 blogs in 2 days…Whew! I’m following the advice of someone I met at my networking shindig on Friday–which is to blog everyday. My friend Nigel and another IT pro told me this years ago when I was launching my first book. I did it for a while then went back to my old ways. 

Nigel even gave me the audio book Crush It by Gary V and again I digressed. But Bernadette convinced me to get back on track. I know this is important especially since I’d be launching my new book soon, as my friend advised the first time around. The question now is how to monetize my blog and get more hits among other things.
photo credit – C.K. Correia All rights reserved 2014
Botanical Gardens, Dallas Texas
Speaking of books…I received the second draft for the cover design of my new book last week and was thrilled at the progress…Just a few more changes, then I would be good to go. I have one more chapter to write along with the epilogue, then off it goes to get an affidavits then edited. 

My designer and editor are one of the same person with a plethora of other credits to her name. I’m super excited to be working with her and always so pleased and satisfied after each of our Skype meetings. 

Last night I wrote my bio and book synopsis to be placed on the back cover. I read it for my family during our hospital visit today and everyone loved it. My friend and marketing guru Yohann also shared his excitement and had this to say: “I love it Carolyn…Love your writing style…simple and real…no forced extravagance in your structure and wording.” 

Luckily I had professional headshots taken last September 2013, so that’s one less thing to worry about. I must send some love to a few friends who I bombarded via email and whatsapp this week while deciding on the best shot for this and the cover design (Ashley…we can still work out your commission when it hits the NY times bestseller list! lol)

I must also say a Big thank you to all those persons who proofread for content way back in the early stages when the vision for this book was not even yet fully formed. Also thanks to the last two kind souls who willingly accepted the challenge despite their demanding schedules. Your efforts are immensely appreciated.

The next few weeks are going to be super busy as I prepare for the new year and tie up loose ends for this one. But first I am going to be still and soak in all that has happened in 2014 and give thanks for my blessings great and small. Like my mother always said to me as a child: “Carolyn, Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 

When I receive messages, emails and phone calls from friends, acquaintances, associates and some mere strangers telling me I’ve done a lot and doing great things…it warms my heart because I don’t even realize it myself at times. I just keep going, stay open and make the most of opportunities when they come. Their words gives me hope and spurs me on to reach my destination….and I know “I’ll get there when I can!”

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Peace & Love

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