Take That Stroll With Me Down Memory Lane

I will attempt a short blog tonight. I think I’m getting the hang of brevity.

Over the past few days I have been taking it easy…a much needed time out after burning the candle on both ends with late nights/mornings at my computer trying to perfect everything and cross off things on my to-do list for 2014. Have I succeeded? No. There’s always something to be done and accomplish. As I say in my workshops: There is always more. The moment you think you’ve done it all, is the moment you stop living.

Yes so I’ve been sleeping…a lot…Did I mention that already? ūüôā It seems my body is more

photo credit – C.K.Correia 2014 All rights reserved
Fort George, Scarborough Tobago

tired than I thought. I could not even make it to the gym today. As I have neglected my exercise routine for many months, what’s one more day right?¬†

I’ve also been watching more television than usual. Usually just the BBC. But a moment ago I watched a portion of a re-run of Scandal and I remember seeing it while I lived on the sister-isle of Tobago last year…¬†

My mind works in such strange ways from ever since I can remember. My thoughts¬†took me back to another time and place so different: the¬†feelings, goals, experiences…But most of all the independence and my mental state almost a year ago. I began to get nostalgic. It feels like a lifetime ago, yet the thoughts are so potent and fresh as if it was just yesterday. I felt as though I was teleported thru time back to those moments and feelings. Ahh life!

Have you ever experienced how amazing it is when a song, a word, a movie or photo takes you back to another time? Sometimes to a place that you treasured or maybe something negative that you can transform and learn from. It’s not living in the past, but the choice is ours what we do with those memories and how long and often we choose to replay it in our minds. I was talking to my uncle who lives in Canada via Skype on Sunday night about the same thing. (Skype by the way is so amazing…I’ve been using it even more this year for business meetings and to connect with friends and family in various parts of the globe). As I played and sang along to some oldies on my computer to him, shared articles and discussed life…I felt as though I just created a memory of that moment.¬†

Memories are such that some persons may feel the same way in the moment and then that’s it…the moment is forgotten. Sometimes the memory is so strong that all parties will cherish them forever. Other times the memory is just another event and not strong enough to qualify for remembrance for either party. And yet other times we want to bury those memories because we are afraid to confront the feelings it presents to us.¬†

Life is so complex and I’m not sure I’m qualified to unravel the meaning. Each person processes things in different ways which is what gives our experiences meaning and uniqueness. It’s how we deal with them that matters.

Live a little, Love a LOT…Make each moment Count.

Peace & Love.

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