What I Learnt About Joy

Happy November 1st!

Warm greetings to all the new and returning visitors to my blog and social media pages. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I am happy to report that I received 6 comments on one of my last posts : “I Can’t Believe What Just Happened!” (you can view it here:http://inspirationescape.blogspot.com/2014/10/i-cant-believe-what-just-happened.html)!! Many thanks to Keisha, Kai, Shelley, Brian, Arnim and Joanne. I am glad to know that you are still reading…please keep the comments coming!! It fuels my passions.

I learnt from a friend last week that HAPPINESS is a temporary state, but what we should aim for is JOY which is eternal. I know I blogged briefly about my experience last Sunday but I must share with you what I mean… 

photo credit – NALIS, Trinidad & Tobago

Last weekend I participated in a Storytelling Event at the National Library of Trinidad & Tobago, in commemoration of Library Week. I told the story of Rapunzel (with a twist) to many screaming kids  (and adults). 

I must admit at first I got cold feet when I saw the size of the audience! For a brief second I wanted to turn around and go home! But luckily I found the inner strength and courage to overcome my fears and the rest is history. To see and hear the screams and smiling faces of the kids as they responded to my questions was like a sugar rush (without the sugar!). It was amazing. 

As I walked back to my car parked on St. Vincent Street Port of Spain, suddenly the world seemed a little more beautiful as the sun was now setting in the capital city. (Can you imagine? I felt like I was still in the fairytale that I just read). With a broad grin on my face, passers-by probably thought I was a little coo coo:) lol. Maybe I’m a little emotional? But I digress.

My Mom called to find out how it went and I could hear the pride in her voice as I related the story on the phone. I also called up a friend to tell her about the event and she told me the story of joy. I told her that things like this brings me true fulfilment and happiness and imagine if I did this everyday how I would feel. I would no longer let petty things get to me or allow people to rain on my parade. She said to me that joy is everlasting and I should continue to use my gifts to bless others. 

Right there and then I knew that I made the right decision to leave the corporate world and follow my dream (at least for now). Although I am not making tons of money by which success is often measured, I feel that I have accomplished a lot within the short space of time. I am still learning by trial and error and in time I have faith that I would get where I want to be. But for now, I am exactly where I need to be. 

I could have done some things differently in hindsight, but this day is mine to explore and Chart my own Destiny! The wisdom of the past makes me more in tune with what God wants for my life. I leave it up to Him.

On another note, my SHRM exam is over and done with and I hope for the best as I await the results. That’s one hurdle crossed. My magazine editing is completed (hopefully) and I await the next step. Hurdle #2 completed. 

I can now concentrate on my personal and business goals for the rest of 2014. #1 on my list is completing my book and getting it published. And also more emphasis on marketing my workshops. These things have taught me so much about people, teamwork and inner strength. I also learnt a bit more about myself, my limits, likes and dislikes or rather pet peeves.

November is here…2 more months for the end of the year…what do you hope to accomplish? Are you happy with where you are and things you have done thus far in 2014? I would love to hear from you!

Peace & Blessed Love.

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