Blast from the Past

Good night my lovelies…Facebook/internet can either be a blessing or curse depending on how you use it. 

Tonight I reconnected with another old colleague I worked with at my first job! Wow!!! (that’s a longg time ago btw)…Wait…the story gets even better…she told me that she kept a poem/prose (not sure what it is) that I wrote and gave to her before I left. 

Ohmy! I myself had forgotten about that until just yesterday when I was spring cleaning to turn my room into a home office. 
That is such a good feeling and soo heart warming and humbling to know that she saved it after all these years and it’s in pristine condition. It blows my mind. 
I was thinking what I should do with it…should I publish it in my second book? Anyway, here it is…I wrote this when I was just 17!!! Hmmm…
It rings true for me even after all this time. I guess I was way beyond my years…Sometimes I think that I’m an old soul trapped in this body :S 
What do you think of my piece? Can you relate??! Do share!!! Pretty please

© Carolyn K. Correia 2014 All rights reserved


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