A Labour of Love

I’m back after what seems like forever. But forever is too long when you’re doing what you truly love. 

Can’t believe another week has ended. Thank God for life!

I must first say that I am constantly in awe by the talent that abounds all around me. More on this in a minute…

Today was one of my final sessions at the studio as I wrap up the production of my audio book. I feel happy and proud of myself for all of my hard work. I started this journey in December 2012, but had to put the project on hold while I relocated to the sister isle for a year. 

I have since resumed the project on Good Friday of this year and revamped most of the book, adding new energy and passion for perfecting it into a labour of love. 

I’m amazed at how my artform has developed by leaps and bounds. I guess Tobago really did me some good! 

This book has really become something that is very dear and close to my heart since it brings to life the written word.

Time brings us wisdom through reflection and experience. Each year brings me one step closer to coming full circle to realizing my ambitions, my full potential and making a greater difference in the lives of others. 

It is important that we can ‘step outside of ourselves’ so to speak and see ourselves how others see us. When we do this, I believe that it shows true growth and maturity. We no longer have a myopic view of life, but we can see far beyond the reaches of ‘self.’ 

It is only then that we can attempt to work on our weaknesses and improve our lives and relationships with others. Of course others must want what you want in order to progress forward in a healthy way.

While I am reminded daily that there are so many superbly talented people everywhere, I am grateful for my own inspiration. Just to give a few examples: my producer played a music video for me the other day, for which he composed the music and wrote the lyrics of a song and I was in awe by this talent…

I learnt just today that there is a playwright living in the street next to mine…I read a script for a local film a few weeks ago in one night and it blew me away by the talent that exists in not only sweet T&T but the world over. And a friend of mine is about to publish her second business book…huge…

The internet is my muse and sometimes I lay awake thinking of all the things I’m missing out on while in bed! lol. I have subscriptions to numerous blogs and newsletters and I’m amazed at how some persons have full time jobs and families, yet find the time to do so much! Write blogs every day, articles every week and a plethora of other things…truly inspiring.

I have since shared clips from my audio book with a few friends and on social media and the reviews have been heart warming. The feeling is indescribable when you know that people appreciate your work and it helps them in some way. Heck when I listen or read some of my own words written in years gone by I can hardly believe that I wrote it..it is truly a gift…I inspire myself (now in my old age)! (joking)

Over the past few weeks and months (and even years), I always share my passion and market my products with whomever I meet. I guess it’s part of being an entrepreneur. More recently people have asked me where my inspiration comes from and how I would describe myself. This is a topic I have exhausted in previous blogs, but for the newbies I will just say it is a gift from God. As I type this I do not have to even pause to think of what next to say. I thank the Lord every day for blessing me in spite of my imperfections for I know He is the only judge and always knows best. 

I am a born writer first and foremost…turned author and motivational speaker and finally communications consultant. I have stepped off of my ledge and though it’s a process, I am confident that I am on the right path since many wonderous things are working in the background…some seen and some unseen. Some I can talk about openly and others I will wait for the right time.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I sure do hope it’s taking me to a place where the sky is the limit. I have infinite hope that dreams do come true. You can’t lay down, make excuses and procrastinate and expect things to happen magically or feel perturbed that others are progressing. It’s a lot of work and determination. Sometimes it is slow in coming but “the race is not to the swift…but he who endures to the end.” Ecclesiastes 9:11

You must have the will to succeed and move ahead despite ALL the odds and it’s all I know. Even if I fail I know it’s not for lack of trying for I would have given it my best shot. But in this world, there are only two kinds of people: the dreamers and the do-ers. Sometimes it’s one of the same person, but the difference is that the do-ers don’t ever stop till it’s done. And they are the ones that seldom fail.

Keep on doing you and Make it Count~

Peace & Love,

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