Your Light Continues to Shine Bright Dear Dr. Maya Angelou

Thanks to my new and returning visitors from around the globe…I’m glad to have you!

As the world mourns the loss of a literary and artistic icon, I join with them to pay tribute and celebrate a life…which is that of Dr. Maya Angelou. What she gave us was a world of words, colour and creativity to find our voice and celebrate our uniqueness and strength as a people. 

We learnt from you that the greatest works of art is often borne out of struggle and adversity and yours was one for the history books. I always admired you and paid tribute over the years on social media, but tonight I lay all in one cosy room with my family watching hours of documentaries of your autobiography and many interviews as I marvelled at your strength, resilience and character. 

Some of the things that stood out to me were that you defied all odds to be the first black female cable car conductor and what this meant to you personally. The way you took your two year old son with you across the globe at the age of 17, learning several languages and imparting your knowledge through education whilst making a living…this took real courage, innovation and a free spirit. How you captivated an audience and got a standing ovation wherever you went was an admirable feat. Your work as a freedom fighter with many of the greats of our time like Dr. Martin Luther King. To read at President Clinton’s inauguration in 1993 and receive the “highest civilian honour” in 2011 – the Medal of Freedom by the first African American president were two-fold honours also enshrined in history. The many honourary doctorates you received globally — words cannot describe…

Your steadfast allegiance to your God-given gifts to the world made you one of the most sought after poets, authors, speakers, educators, actresses, film makers and pioneers of all time. You were a true renaissance woman – phenomenally so indeed. You paved the way for so many voices who aspire to even a fraction of your greatness. I did not have to meet you personally to give testimony that you left an indelible mark on the souls and psyches of many…You will be remembered throughout the generations for a very long time to come.

Thank you.

May perpetual light shine upon you and may you Rest in Peace.

Maya Angelou 1928 – 2014

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