Farewell to a Legend – Barbara you will be Missed!

Last night I was all “gung ho” about blogging about the retirement of media icon Barbara Walters after more than 50 years in news. As time progresses however, I realize I have a lot on my mind and there is much to be said in general but I will stick to the original plan….could not let this weekend pass without paying tribute.

Although I am not a big TV person, I did tune in to some memorable specials on 20/20 over the years. What stood out in my mind was her interview with Michael Jackson and also a special on Heaven and Hell…I think I even blogged on the latter. What made Barbara special was her ability to predict and get into the minds of her subjects to ask the probing questions that quelled the thirst of her audiences. She left no stone unturned and in the process caused a catharsis in her interviewees and effected change. I’m sure that’s what every good journalist desires at the end of the day…to bring about some degree of change in their audience or subjects no matter how small.

Barbara was lucky and talented in that she had the opportunity to exhibit her true prowess at the right time, with the fortitude to keep going even when it was difficult to continue. She fought the good fight so that so many women in journalism could find their voice. The struggles she endured in a male dominated business when she first started was so real that we can see why so many look up to her today. She has opened doors and paved the way for many people including Oprah Winfrey, Connie Chung, Rosie O’ Donnell and many others.

After watching The View in its entirety for the first time yesterday and also HER STORY on ABC last night, I got an even greater appreciation for her life’s work and the many memorable interviews that she had done including that of Fidel Castro (on a boat in motion!) and many other world and religious leaders. The ones that stood out in her mind were that of: Mike Tyson and Robin Givens, Monica Lewinsky, John Wayne to name a few. She always made it interesting with her many on-location shoots and personalities that she presented to her viewers. 

She looks incredible for her age and is as sharp as a tack!

Hats off to you and may your legacy live on in the minds and hearts of generations forever.

To leave you with some Food for Thought with one of Ms. Walters memorable signature questions….Finish this Sentence”…

Carolyn Correia…

has much to live for. She is a work in progress and learning every day. She is a creator of stories and has so many to tell. When it’s all over and this life is done, her only wish is that she would have made a difference and inspired change. Until that day, she will continue writing and rewriting the story of her life until she gets it right.

Peace & Love

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